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Online Shopping Stores in Pakistan – Failure Dilemma

Posted by 6 December, 2008 (7) Comment

Most of you must have visited the Pakistani Online Stores and to be honest, in my opinion they are not what they meant to be. This is because;

  • The product range is not sufficient,
  • the prices are way to much,
  • stores websites are not well maintained/up-dated,
  • limited payment option,
  • slow order processing.

To some extent the owners of these stores are right in saying that they have more expenses which they have to incurr to get a process completed but I believe that if proper procedure is adopted, there is no reason an online store could go down. We have some big examples with us like

Some of the owners of Pakistani stores do not have there own off-line stores so, they have to bring the product from somewhere else and provide it to customer. If Online business is taken seriously, it could generate a lot of profit.  Advent of new technolgoy always bring challenge for organizations but those who adopt the changes at the right time with right methodolog succeed

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