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Zong Print Ads

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Zong is being very successful with it advertising strategies. As they are targeting the mass market so, their advertisements are always very simple and effective. I love their two ads one is of New Year and the other was launched with the launch of Zong in Pakistan (Ad 1 & 2 below).

These ads are very creative ( right now I am just talking about print ads) and convey the messages very clearly. I will right more on advertisements later because I got to go.  Please share  you ideas and print advertisements you have with you.

I have only these ads. If anyone of you have more ads, please email me at zaheerajk (at)
Thanking you in anticipation.

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Panasonic Wireless Home Theater System SC-ZT1

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Panasonic disclosed it’s new wireless theater system SC-ZT1 which is expected to be in the market in spring 2009. It is basically designed to get rid of a lot cables spreading around your desk. It is beautiful and slick and one would love to have a gadget like this in home. We are not aware of the price because it is yet to be unveiled by the Panasonic.

This new Home Theater System sends uncompressed audio data over a wireless 2.4-GHz frequency band to ensure the high qualit sound. It creates a lifelike virtual 7.1 sound from its four ultra slim pole-type speakers that provide ideal listening environment. Its speakers come with integrated subwoofer for producing sounds from the low-frequency range.

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Telenor Pakistan Official Website Down!

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While browsing, I came to know that Telenor (GSM Service Providers) Pakistan website is down. At first, I thought its just me but I then tried checking it using some proxies but no results.

Its very unusual that a company’s website goes down like this without a prior notice. I have no idea whether they are running some maintenance or what but what matters is their website is not live at the moment.

Just thought, should share this with my blog visitors. I am sure Telenor must have a good excuse for this.

Website URL:

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