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Store & Share Your Files Online for Free Up to 25 GB with Widows Live SkyDrive

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Windows Live SkyDrive (Microsoft)

From the name ‘Windows Live SkyDrive’ it seems that Microsoft now want people to learn sky diving but its not so. Windows Live SkyDrive is a part of Microsoft Online Services, Windows Live Family. It’s new version is being launched. Last year Microsoft changed the name of Live SkyDrive from Microsoft Live Folder. Through this service, users were provided with online password-protected file storage facility for free. However, it was just 500 MB those days. According to some users, the storage limit is not that enough. Even Gmail had more then 2 Gigabytes space.

It was expected by the users, that SkyDrive will increase the limit to 2 GB at least. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that the limit will be increased to 5 GB. But SkyDrive came up with such thing that users were not hoping because now SkyDrive is providing 25 GB free space for File/Folder storage. You can protect these files from others by using password or can share with others by putting the files in Public Folder.

One of the advantages of this service is that if you have a Hotmail account or any of Windows Live Family account, you don’t even need to sign up for SkyDrive. You can use the same username and password and be a part of this service.

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Microsoft® Fingerprint Reader – Say Goodbye to Password Hassles

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Microsoft Fingerprint ReaderIf you consider yourself among one of those who use many different passwords and forget, even for email checking, logging on to any community site or playing game, you have to sign in again and again, then its a perfect gadget for you.

Now with the help of Microsoft® Fingerprint Reader, there won’t be the need of entering the username and password again and again rather you will be signed in just by putting your finger on the device. It is very user friendly.

Though it is very helpful but Microsoft suggests not to use it for sensitive data like financial information etc. They still recommend using strong passwords for these.

Estimated price: Rs. 8,000 (PKR) or 110 USD

Can be purchased from: Amazon (Recommended)

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