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Wateen Telecom Waived Off Rs. 4800/- to Continue Using Their Service

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Wateen Print AdI used to use Wateen WiMax when it was launched but then I moved to the Cable DSL and quit using Wateen WiMax. After approximately 1 year or even more, I shifted to another house and Cable DSL was not available in new apartment. I thought,should give another try to Wateen WiMax but did not want to pay the dues which I had to pay for not using the service for long. I called the customer support center and asked if I can re-activate my account without paying the dues (which she told me was Rs. 4800/-). She guided me through the whole procedure and forwarded my ticket to appropriate department. Then I received a call next day from Lahore Wateen Headquarters and they told me that my dues are being waived off and I can use the service for next 20 days for free. Yes, for free because it was settled down in my last month bill.

Wateen LogoOne weird thing I came across. I registered myself with Wateen Telecom for 512 KBPS and Telephony Service (290 Rs. Rent per month). I hardly use Wateen Telephone, so, I asked them to downgrade my Telephony Package to Rs. 90 per month rent. But they said that we are unable to upgrade or downgrade your package at the moment and this facility is not available. Sounds weird? Yes! Well… according to them, they are working on it and hope they will come up with a solution.

This is kind of unusual in Pakistan when a company waives off your charges to continue using their services but I had this good experience with Wateen Telecom. I might be using the service for few more months but not forever, just waiting for PTCL ‘On the Go‘ USB Device.

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