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X-Mini Capsule Speaker – World’s First Pocketsized Speaker with Built in Bass Support

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X-Mini Capsule Speaker

X-Mini Capsule is one of the smallest speakers with built in bass support, launched in the world. It is an innovative audio portable gadget. It is as small as can be fit in the palm of a hand. Though it is small in size but the quality is very justifiable and even on full volume, the sound does not crack because of it’s physique and use of vacuum bass technology. The vacuum which impersonate the resonance features of a sub-woofer and gives the X-Mini Capsule a crisp, full bodied sound and volume. The vacuum can be extended or closed as per the need.

It comes with two built in batteries with 8 hours continuous playback. It is a best accessory to have with MP3 players, Laptops, Mobile Phone, Portable Games soothes.X-Mini Capsule Speaker Small


  • Compact size
  • High quality sound, with clear bass resonance
  • 8 hours of continuous playback from one charge
  • 2.4W output
  • 52 grams
  • Matte black finish
  • Included USB charging cable, felt bag
  • Compatible with all Mp3 players, laptops, games consoles etc


The gadget can be bough from:

PRICE: Approx. Rs. 1700/- (PKR)

Disclaimer: The gadget was being searched over Internet and we do not store it with us. The price is estmitaed by converting British Pounds in PKRs.

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Ufone Disables SMS Delivery Confirmation on Valentines Day

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Valentines DayI received a message from Ufone which was sent to inform that the SMS delivery notifications will remain disabled from 13th Feb 9 PM to 14th Feb 2 Am to cope up with the overload expected on Valentines day.

Ufone Message:

As a regular practice , SMS delivery confirmation will be  unavailable from 13th Feb 9 PM to 14th Feb 2 AM to serve high SMS traffic on Valentines Day

Well… Just think how many of us send messages to each other to wish days we are proud of- like 14th August, 24 Oct, 25 Dec etc., but just imagine the hike in SMS traffic on Valentines day.

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Faisal Qureshi & Aijaz Aslam in Telenor Persona TV Commercial -Is It Working?

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Recently, Telenor introduced three postpaid Persona Packages and in it’s one of TV commercial we see Faisal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam as Doctor and Businessman. Sounds funny huh!? Both are acting in a comedy show ‘Main Aur Tum’ at ARY Digital and their image is quite different from what Telenor Persona tried to build from their campaign. Telenor would be more successful if they could bring some humorous part in their campaigns and endorse these actors. Don’t know whether this is working or not. The results will come on screen after the ‘ratings’ issued by the agency (Adcom).

Telenor made the same mistake when it started it’s Postpaid Plan (Persona) endorsing ‘Jamal Shah’ who is an artist as Business Executive and the ratings went down. People have different images of artists in their minds and in my opinion Telenor continuously fails to understand this (specially for their postpaid plan).

What you guys think? Do you like both in the professions they are assigned in Personal TV Commercial or not. Write your comments on this.

Disclaimer: Above written article is the Author’s personal opinion and everyone has the right to agree or disagree.

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