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Telenor Offers 3 SMS Packages on Persona

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Persona SMS Addon Offer

Telenor is now covering the masses for it’s Persona Package. Recently, Telenor introduced three new SMS packages for it’s Postapaid subscribers. Most of the users, who show some reluctance towards the postpaid plans will now be considering this offer. A disadvantage of this offer could be the damage of positioning of postpaid but at the same time, a significant number of new users would be availing this facility.

Telenor has always come up with innovative ideas and packages and this continues her tradition.


SMS Addon on Persona

More addons and details can be found here:

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Threat from Government Official to Remove the Article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen

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This is unusual! I received an email from a Government Official to remove the article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen on Feb 16 (Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen Using Non-Custom BMW) about the latest corruption case. Below is the screen shot of the email.

Email Screenshot

To the best of my knowledge, I have not written anything that could go against the national interest. I wrote what I saw on Media and they showed both the vehicles parked beside each other (Dunniya Tv) with the similar number plates. I have the right to write anything which in is the real interest on the country and I am not exploiting the democracy in Pakistan yet drive it to the right path.

Disclaimer:I am not sure that the email is from a ‘real government official’ as it is possible that someone used the wrong email address.

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