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Ufone Presents In-Flight Roaming Service for Its Postpaid Customers

Posted by 21 February, 2009 Comments Off on Ufone Presents In-Flight Roaming Service for Its Postpaid Customers


Ufone, one of the Pakistan Leading mobile phone operators has started in-flight roaming service for all of its Postpaid subscribers who are using the International Roaming Service. According to the reports, the company initially launched its in-flight service on Emirates flights from Middle East to Asia, Europe and USA.

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Nokia Inroduces 6710 Navigator

Posted by 20 February, 2009 Comments Off on Nokia Inroduces 6710 Navigator

Nokia 6710 Navigator


With EGPRS and WCDMA technology and HSDPA/HSUPA (3.5G) and WLAN support, Nokia introduces 6710 Navigator. Enjoy the photos and videos on 2.6” QVGA TFT display. Take high quality photos with a 5-mega pixel camera with dual LED flash and carl Zeiss optics.  Other features include GPS and Nokia Maps 3.0, Compass, UPnP, Bluetooh 2.0 +EDR, and USB 2.0 High-Speed.

I like the desing  of new Nokia 6710. It’s light and slim. It covers a lof functions someone would need. Recommend for business class who travels a lot.

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Telenor Offers 3 SMS Packages on Persona

Posted by 18 February, 2009 Comments Off on Telenor Offers 3 SMS Packages on Persona

Persona SMS Addon Offer

Telenor is now covering the masses for it’s Persona Package. Recently, Telenor introduced three new SMS packages for it’s Postapaid subscribers. Most of the users, who show some reluctance towards the postpaid plans will now be considering this offer. A disadvantage of this offer could be the damage of positioning of postpaid but at the same time, a significant number of new users would be availing this facility.

Telenor has always come up with innovative ideas and packages and this continues her tradition.


SMS Addon on Persona

More addons and details can be found here:

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Threat from Government Official to Remove the Article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen

Posted by 18 February, 2009 (5) Comment

This is unusual! I received an email from a Government Official to remove the article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen on Feb 16 (Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen Using Non-Custom BMW) about the latest corruption case. Below is the screen shot of the email.

Email Screenshot

To the best of my knowledge, I have not written anything that could go against the national interest. I wrote what I saw on Media and they showed both the vehicles parked beside each other (Dunniya Tv) with the similar number plates. I have the right to write anything which in is the real interest on the country and I am not exploiting the democracy in Pakistan yet drive it to the right path.

Disclaimer:I am not sure that the email is from a ‘real government official’ as it is possible that someone used the wrong email address.

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Smoke! But Keep Your Room Fresh – USB Ashtray Device

Posted by 17 February, 2009 Comments Off on Smoke! But Keep Your Room Fresh – USB Ashtray Device

USB Ashtray Picture

I am not encouraging you to smoke. It’s just a USB gadget that helps you to keep your room fresh. Most of the non-smokers usually get frustrated when they walk into a room filled with cigarette smoke. For non-smokers, it’s a perfect gadget to keep with them so, when a smoker friend is visiting them, they can use this device to keep the smoke away from themselves and their rooms.

The device vanishes the smoke with the help of a powerful motor fixed inside and the smoke is filtered by a built-in filter that releases fresh air from the holes on the side. 100% smoke free environment is not guaranteed because the device only works when the cigarette is put in but you can see a considerable change after using it.

One of the advantages of the USB Ashtray is that it can be used with or without the USB port as you can use four AA batteries to provide power.

PRICE: Approx. 4000/- ($49.95)

The item can be purchased from:

Disclaimer: We do not keep the accessories or gadets with us. This information if gathered from Internet Resources and the prices are calculated by converting USD in PKR and may vary.

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Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen Using Non-Custom BMW

Posted by 16 February, 2009 (11) Comment

Shaukat Tareen Fraud

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Shaukat Tareen is caught by a Local Television Channel using two different vehicles with same  number plates (GA-822), one Corolla (Green Number Plate)  and the other is BMW (Black Number Plate). According to the report, BMW is non-custom vehicle which is a one of the major crimes.

“He can be imprisoned for at least 7 years for this fraud”, A senior lawyer said while talking to the media and can be penalized against 4 penal code (420, 169, 170, 171).

While what else can be expected from our Government Officials. THIS IS OUR LEADERSHIP!!! 🙁

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Trial Against Founders of Pirate Bay Begins

Posted by 16 February, 2009 Comments Off on Trial Against Founders of Pirate Bay Begins


Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay is a free file-sharing website with over 25 million members, uses an Internet Protocol ‘Torrent” and provide the TV Shows, Movies, Music. Four men behind the scene are accused by the media firms including Warner Bros, MGM, Sony for copy right theft in the courts there in Sweden. The men will have to confront 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $143,500 if found offenders.

De fence lawyer is trying to convince the courts that the file-sharing service can be using legally and illegally either way, and it is not against the laws of Sweden and the files are not located on Pirate Bay’s own server. The files are hosted on different countries’ servers.  Once before Swedish Polish raided on the Pirate Bays office and shut down the website and frozen their 200 servers in 2006 but they started again.

The Media Firms are looking for 115 million kronor (10.6 million Euros) for the damages they faced because of more than tens of millions of free downloads Pirate Bay offered and according to the owners, they don’t have earn much money that could be paid for damages.


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Facebook Aims Relationship with Nokia

Posted by 15 February, 2009 (1) Comment

Facebook Nokia Tie-Up

A lot of ties-up being happened in recent years. Facebook, a Social Networking Portal is in correspondence with mobile phone manufacture Nokia to set in features of its portal onto the company’s mobile handsets.

According to Wall Street Journal, the companies are thinking about the choice of combining the Nokia users Phonebook with Facebook contact list, so, the users can find out that which one their contact is using Facebook and contact them through the portal.

Nokia is considering the option and thinking about how well this can go on. A spokeswoman for Facebook simply said the company is “dedicated to working with and developing partnerships with mobile operators and device makers all over the world.”

A rumor is also being heard about Facebook that it is in contact with Motorola with the same proposal.


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X-Mini Capsule Speaker – World’s First Pocketsized Speaker with Built in Bass Support

Posted by 14 February, 2009 (2) Comment

X-Mini Capsule Speaker

X-Mini Capsule is one of the smallest speakers with built in bass support, launched in the world. It is an innovative audio portable gadget. It is as small as can be fit in the palm of a hand. Though it is small in size but the quality is very justifiable and even on full volume, the sound does not crack because of it’s physique and use of vacuum bass technology. The vacuum which impersonate the resonance features of a sub-woofer and gives the X-Mini Capsule a crisp, full bodied sound and volume. The vacuum can be extended or closed as per the need.

It comes with two built in batteries with 8 hours continuous playback. It is a best accessory to have with MP3 players, Laptops, Mobile Phone, Portable Games soothes.X-Mini Capsule Speaker Small


  • Compact size
  • High quality sound, with clear bass resonance
  • 8 hours of continuous playback from one charge
  • 2.4W output
  • 52 grams
  • Matte black finish
  • Included USB charging cable, felt bag
  • Compatible with all Mp3 players, laptops, games consoles etc


The gadget can be bough from:

PRICE: Approx. Rs. 1700/- (PKR)

Disclaimer: The gadget was being searched over Internet and we do not store it with us. The price is estmitaed by converting British Pounds in PKRs.

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Ufone Disables SMS Delivery Confirmation on Valentines Day

Posted by 14 February, 2009 (2) Comment

Valentines DayI received a message from Ufone which was sent to inform that the SMS delivery notifications will remain disabled from 13th Feb 9 PM to 14th Feb 2 Am to cope up with the overload expected on Valentines day.

Ufone Message:

As a regular practice , SMS delivery confirmation will be  unavailable from 13th Feb 9 PM to 14th Feb 2 AM to serve high SMS traffic on Valentines Day

Well… Just think how many of us send messages to each other to wish days we are proud of- like 14th August, 24 Oct, 25 Dec etc., but just imagine the hike in SMS traffic on Valentines day.

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