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Free XBOX Live Codes – How to Get Them?

Posted by 28 May, 2009 Comments Off on Free XBOX Live Codes – How to Get Them?

Free XBox Live CodesStepping up towards the new age of gaming world, we can find consoles like XBOX, one of the competing brand that has sold over a million devices all over the world.

When you buy it, you usually get a two month free trial card that contains the basic Xbox Live codes that allow you to play the games of the console free for two months. Once this trial period ends though, you need to buy the codes or find them somewhere else. Now one option available is of checking Microsoft incentives, because the company gives cards – like the known Microsoft Diamond Card – that offer codes for the console.

However, if this does not seem feasible, then you can always go online and check if there are free xbox live codes available. Before actually using them, you have to check if they are legitimate and suitable for your games and your Xbox devices.

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Unblock Myspace from school – the easy way!

Posted by 22 May, 2009 Comments Off on Unblock Myspace from school – the easy way!

Unlock Codes For MyspaceWe all are aware of the social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, and those who are a member of it, are very addicted to its usage, which is very natural.

Many schools including high schools, colleges, and universities have set their computers to block sites like Myspace so that students cannot access these sites, as it might conflict with the institutions policies.

As we all know that, if there is a way to block it, then there is also a way to unblock it. One thing you can try to unlock Myspace from school is to use an alternative web browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Sometimes the network filtering is set up using what is called group policy settings and these are for internet explorers. This might be the easiest way for you to unlock Myspace and other social networking sites. Just try using another browser for the web and you might have access in a matter of seconds.

You will have to sign up to use these proxies to bypass your school servers. After you have signed up you will be able to go to the proxies’ home page and type in the site you want to access. It will give you access to your site and now you will have unlocked Myspace from school.

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HSSE Examination System in Pakistan: a Dilemma

Posted by 21 May, 2009 (4) Comment

student-cheatingThere was a time when education was treated as some thing sacred. People used to feel respected and important being a part of an education institute. But now the things have changed a lot. If we want to find out the reason there can be so many reasons. Just take a real life example.

My cousin was taking exams a week ago. During the exam he said there were many students who were cheating. They were having books and notes with them in their desks. And the teachers and invigilators there allowed them to do this.  During the mid of the exam they get to know that inspection team is expected so, they took back all the books and notes form the students. After the inspection team was gone they gave them back their books and notes.

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Ufone Offers up to 50% Discount on Intl. Roaming in UK

Posted by 20 May, 2009 (1) Comment

Ufone LogoIslamabad – May 20, 2009: Ufone, one of the leading Telecom companies of Pakistan, has come up with another innovative package that offers up to 50% discount for its postpay customers, traveling to UK, on international roaming tariff including voice, SMS and data services.

This offer from is exclusively available for all postpay customers having international roaming service provisioned on their numbers/subscriptions. The offer, valid for the month of June, will not only benefit all the tourists visiting the United Kingdom for their vacations but also cricket fans who plan to spend their summers enjoying the upcoming Twenty20 Cricket Tournament in UK.

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Lays Chips HARAAM: Propaganda or Truth?

Posted by 19 May, 2009 (70) Comment

Lays Masala PackagingSome days back I received on SMS and an Email saying that, Lays Chips (Masala Flavor) is HARAAM. On the back of the Lays chips “E631 Fat” is printed which means the oil of pig meat. And it further says that for clarification write this name on Google search and you will find the results. When I searched on Google what I found is that it is a Guinea pig fat that is being used for cooking purpose.  But again there is difference of opinion. Some people say that it’s not an authentic information that E631 is really the pig fat.

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Supreme Court Directs PTCL to Improve Quality within 5 Weeks

Posted by 19 May, 2009 Comments Off on Supreme Court Directs PTCL to Improve Quality within 5 Weeks

PTCL New LogoLahore (19th May 2009): Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday, Supreme Court directed PTCL to improve its service quality within five weeks which has been continuously affected by the load shedding and causing immense trouble for its customers. Mohammad Nasarullah, the Chief Technical officer of PTCL in Lahore and the regional manager defended the PTCL. They considered load shedding to be the main problem for the inconvenience faced by the customers of PTCL.

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Ufone Network Always Busy

Posted by 16 May, 2009 (8) Comment

Ufone LogoAt first I thought, its just me who is facing this problem or some issue with my handset but I confirmed it from my friends and they are all experiencing the difficultly in calling and even sending SMS. I am unable to call to the Customer Services to lodge my complaint.

I am having this issue from the last 36 hours. Signals are full but no connection. All I receive is the alert message “Error in Network Connection” and “Unknown Error”. Gosh!!!  my call is connected (feeling lucky), let me lodge the complaint and get back to you with updates.

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Looking for summer BBQ fun? How about cooking shrimps?

Posted by 14 May, 2009 Comments Off on Looking for summer BBQ fun? How about cooking shrimps?

When you hear the word “summer”, what comes in your mind first? Let me guess, summer sports, right, but what if I say in context of cooking, and then you should be thinking of cooking some shrimps, the best Way to Light Charcoal

There are many ways of cooking shrimps, but I have outlined a basic method to help you get started in the first place.

For a pound of shrimp you will need to bring two quarts of water to boil. Then you will have to salt the water lightly. If you prefer you can add lemon juice to the water, this is optional though, so do it however you prefer.


Once the water is at a boil, you will then have to shut off the heat that is under the water. Then add the shrimp to the water all at once. After this, let them steep for about 3 to 5 minutes. Remember, shrimp are better when you cook them gently.

Your shrimps will be done by this stage, however, you can quickly boil or poach them, which is the most common method, put them in a skillet with butter or oil, in a fryer, on a barbecue grill, a steamer, or in a hot oven. This is likely to make them more tasty and delicious.

Hope the procedure is clear.

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Mobilink GSM Renovates Website Layout/Design

Posted by 14 May, 2009 (2) Comment

mobilink1Being the leader of mobile market in Pakistan, with 28,240,125 (according to PTA Report March 2009) customer base, Mobilink always tried to come up with new idea and innovative offers. But the thing that was lacking, was their poorly designed website with dull pages. I was thinking of contacting them but yesterday, when I opened their website, I was surprised to see a new website layout which is more cozy and attractive. They are still making changes in the design. Overall its a good design which will help its users to stay up-to-date easily without saying “where the heck would I find this thing”.

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Telenor Persona Friend and Family Package – Special 5ive

Posted by 13 May, 2009 (3) Comment

Now Telenor offers Friend and Family (FnF) numbers to its Postpaid (Persona) users. A discount of 50% will be given to all to these 5 numbers.  Users can activate this facility on Persona Easy, Simple and Free Packages. Only Telenor numbers can be added as Friend and Family numbers. To add a number is FnF list, users need to call 555 or SMS short code “FnF “to 345.


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