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Government Takes Back 20 Paisas Per SMS FED Order

Posted by 22 June, 2009 (3) Comment

textRecently, Government of Pakistan decided to impose Federal Excise Duty (FED) of 20 Paisas per SMS effective from July 1, 2009 and it was a shocking news for most of the Pakistani people as SMS was the only inexpensive way of communicating either between friends, relatives, colleagues, or family. BUT today things change and according to Hina Rabbani Khar, who is State Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, the Government and has decided to take back the extra FED on every SMS.

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Nights are Going to be Crazy with Warid – Warid Crazy Nites

Posted by 22 June, 2009 Comments Off on Nights are Going to be Crazy with Warid – Warid Crazy Nites

Warid LogoNites are no longer there to sleep, because Warid brings an exciting offer for its customers. You can make unlimited free calls to as many Warid numbers as you want. And this is not the end; you can enjoy free unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan from 10pm to 8am.

If you have family and friends abroad then Warid offers calls to UK (landlines only) USA and Canada just for Re.1+tax per minute.

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Telenor USB DATA Package

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telenor logoNow its time for Telenor to capture the market with their new device of USB Data Package for internet connectivity anywhere around the 2000 cities in Pakistan. This offer is available for the Persona Postpaid subscribers. The package offers;

  • One Year Free Internet
  • One USB stick – E 169
  • One Postpaid SIM including the USB Data Package

The Package details are;

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PTCL Wireless Broadband EVO Now in USB Device – Just Plug & Play!

Posted by 22 June, 2009 (4) Comment

PTCL New LogoIts been a while when PTCL took the initiative to provide High Speed Wireless Internet but the problem in start was the PCMCIA Device which usually did not fit all computers and Laptops. Latest laptops do not even come with PCMCIA Slot. PTCL has been talking about the USB Device to eliminate the difficulty faced by its customers who can not or do not have PCMCIA slots. But there was a delay in the launch of USB Device.

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Poor Friendly Budget!!! 20 Paisas FED Per SMS

Posted by 19 June, 2009 (6) Comment

taxThe elected government has posted a huge tax gift of 20paisas per SMS to those who are frequently consuming this ever cheapest offer by the Telecom companies operating in Pakistan. Finance Adviser, in his post budget press conference commented that the government can not leave the bulk SMS, and finally they have snatched away the softest and inexpensive way of connection with their friends and family members of many consumers. Who says that the budget is poor friendly?

Guest post by: Tahira Jameel, Islamabad

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Trace the Missing Person – Skip Tracing

Posted by 17 June, 2009 (1) Comment

binocs-private-investigatorsA person, gone missing can easily be found out by skip tracing. If you want to be a private investigator then you have to join the skip tracing training. Those who are a part of skip tracing know various means of tracing a person. They are aware of all the common routes through which they can search out a missing person. During skip tracing you can use the following materials:

  • Telephone books.
  • Phone directories stored on CD-ROMs
  • Court files
  • Motor vehicle records are a valuable source of information
  • Records are also used.
  • Old addresses can be followed up with new forwarding addresses for the missing person.

With skip tracing, it is necessary to verify the follow up data found. Skip tracing investigators have the experience and sound knowledge of tracing a person from accurate and inaccurate leads

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What is

Posted by 15 June, 2009 Comments Off on What is

Voip_illustration.svg192.168.1.1 is basically an IP address, which is utilized over and over again for different networks. is officially defined as the process of identifying the allocation of private Internets.

  • It is the default address of various broadband routers.
  • The settings of can be changed only by the administrator or by any other qualified person.
  • You can access the page from the management stating grooving to this IP using the web browser to do the initial configuration.
  • Read the manual device on the network to learn more on how to configure the network device.
  • It is commonly a network of class C that is used for setting up a private home network.
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Working Overseas – Why Expats Fail

Posted by 13 June, 2009 Comments Off on Working Overseas – Why Expats Fail

expatriateEvery country has different laws regarding employment; in most countries it is very difficult to find expat jobs according to your eligibility. Working overseas is now a normal process for a person who wants to provide basic necessities to his family. But the things are really changed when you are working at abroad, getting jobs is one of the most difficult process you have to face.

  • You have the basic knowledge for the job you are applying.
  • You must know how to write a resume for your job.
  • You have the skill to prove yourself eligible for the job.

In start you will surely face problems in working in overseas but with the passage of time and with proper guidance you will easily be able to get the spot necessary for your earning.

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What is Proxy? How You Can Surf Internet Anonymously

Posted by 13 June, 2009 Comments Off on What is Proxy? How You Can Surf Internet Anonymously

anonymousbecauseIf you want to browse the page of your favorite website, then proxy site is there to help you to open your favorite site. The best advantage of using proxies is that you can easily access those sites, which are originally blocked for you. Once you start browsing the site through proxy, your IP will not be detected.

How proxy site works?

This enables you to bypass your Internet provider to open the restricted site saving your IP address for being logged on. You can take the help of specific proxy lists, this list has the servers of HTTP/HTPS/SOCKS proxies, which allow the users to make indirect network.

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[Guest Post] True Lies By ZONG

Posted by 11 June, 2009 Comments Off on [Guest Post] True Lies By ZONG

Zong LogoEven having a watchdog for Telecom Operators working in Pakistan, the tradition to capture and cheat the national market through ambiguous advertisements is still on. The operators are trying their all-time best to capture the major chunk of the market and survive through this cut throat competition even at the cost of misinformation.

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