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Trojan Horse Virus

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This website describes a Trojan horse virus. This has continued to be the most persistent form of malaware. A malaware inflicts damage to a computer or a computer network. Technically speaking they are not viruses but it is their mode of action that leads them to be called so. The site features the variants of the Trojan Horse Virus for example Bohmini A and the aliases it uses ; Trojan, Skintrim, Mal/HckPk-A, Generic.dx and Packed, Generic.198, the characteristics of the Trojans and viruses, the effect they have on computers and the web browsers vulnerable to infiltration.

The site also describes their mode of removal and prevention.  The site gives an area for visitors to the site to give their views and opinions.

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This website link describes the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) as a website component that provides information concerning system management inside an enterprise atmosphere. It is an Application Program Interface that allows the management and control of devices in network.

The link also describes the Windows Management Instrumentation provider service, its functionality platforms, and the path in which Wmiprvse.exe and its associated components are stored. Developers use the file to generate applications, which are distributed as monitoring tools.

It also describes the WMI control, which is a tool that allows users to assemble WMI settings close by or remotely. It gives instructions on how to access the WMI control. Then goes on to describe the tasks the WMI console is capable of performing.

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What is

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This website link describes as a default IP address. Network devices like routers use the IP address. It was made to resolve the scarcity of IP addresses usable on the internet and that the range of the IP address is given by RFC 1918.

A private address is an identification assigned to any device, which is part of the computer network. The site continues to describe the IP addresses and their applications on the computer network including the internet.

It also describes NAT and private address space. That NAT were quick fix strategies for the shortage of IP addresses, the use of a router and firewall in the home. It describes the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and its reserve of IP addresses.

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What is

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This site explains about the structure and features of which is an IP address used by network administrators when setting up a LAN or when using a router. This IP address is situated between and It’s used as a broadband router for companies to facilitate connections and cables. In order to work effectively, only a single device should be linked to it at a time as well as keeping access to only the selected personnel. The is also a default gateway to various computer systems thus subnets can pass information to other subnets through it. If problems are experienced when using it the solution is to find out where the problem originated from then start working from there.

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What is

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The is an IP address default that is used for particular forms of residential broadband routers.  It’s a private IP network address that can be used on a repetitive basis as long as it’s present on different networks. This IP address is specifically used as a gateway default by the SMC and Belkin broadband routers which mean that the can be used as a medium through which one subnet can pass information to another subnet. The DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) of the routers can enable the automatic designation of IP address to the computers on its network. Thus if computers with a fixed IP address of are set it may cause an IP clash on the entire network.

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Free Voip Service

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The various standards used for transmission of voice messages over the internet are packaged in one bundle and given the name VOIP. This means Voice Over Internet Protocol. The protocol transmits messages over the wide area network in the form of datagrams just like it would with normal data chunks.This kind of telephony integrates a lot of the old communication technologies into the internet protocol. Amongst these are the fax options, these were previously transmitted via PSTN, also Public Switched Telephone Network.

Free Voip

In the internet protocol, the analogue signals are converted to digital upon which they’re transmitted over the internet in the form of packets after obfuscation and necessary compression. On reception the reverse process is executed for retrieval.

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Digital Audio Cable

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In this site you get all the information on the best types of cables and where you can find them. These digital cables are different from what was there a long time ago. The digital audio cables available for the electronics will vary in makes and types and finding the best can be difficult. The information on the digital audio cables available will guide you through the best such that when buying you will be guaranteed quality.

Digital Cable

When figuring out how to install audio cables in your home theatre system you will need reputable kinds of digital audio cables that will offer efficiency when it comes to sound clarity. Twisted-pair audio cables and coaxial cables are some of the cables available.

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Set Up Proxy Server

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People who deal with network installations and would like to know how to set up a proxy server can obtain useful information from the above website. The proxy server is important in the network because it makes it possible for client computers to access information from other servers hence should be connected properly. The proxy server also works as a security protecting the network environment from intrusions among other uses.

Proxy Server

You can read the information provided and as long as you have some background information in network connections, this is something you can do on your own. You can connect the proxy server to function as a proxy, firewall or caching and this information can be found on the website.

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How Does Voip Work?

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Voip is the technology that employs the use of phone system and the internet to communicate. This technique has advanced the way people communicate making it fast and efficient. If your company is not using Voip, you are probably missing out and to find out how Voip works, you can access this site.

VoIP Station

You can learn what Voip is, how it can be beneficial to your company and how to apply it in your organization. Find out about all the requirements that must be met for Voip to function well such as what kind of phones are good to use, the internet that provides clear and efficient communication and determine whether you company can afford to upgrade its communication system.

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Watch Movies on the Internet

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This is a site that provides information on how and where you can watch movies on the internet. Many people nowadays use the internet to find information and among the advantages the internet can give you now are getting free products such as software and movies.

Watch Movie

The website will tell you how to find your favourite movies from a variety of sites and watch them online without even wasting time trying to download them. So with the right equipment such as speakers, you simply find the movie you want and watch.  Now that people can also watch their favorite television programs over the internet for free, its time you also did the same with your movies both old and modern.

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