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Ufone Sucks Big Time – Poor Service Quality and Pathetic Customer Service

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Ufone LogoBeing a loyal customer, I hate to write this but they made me do so. For the past few weeks, Ufone service quality has been pathetic disappointing. I am sure most of you (Ufone users) must be facing the issues I am. Sometimes I just get disconnected from the rest of the world. Can not send messages, can not dial or receive calls.

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Change IP Adress

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A lot of security is needed if you are a frequent user of the internet and that is why you need to change your IP address frequently. With the popularity of the internet today the safety of personal information for internet users has become vulnerable to identity thieves.

There are numerous ways of changing the IP address and this is by using Windows Vista, Windows XP and an  anonymous proxy, all these can work using the different browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer .


All you have to do is go to the internet options, select the active connection, check for a box labeled ”use proxy server for this connection”, fill the IP address together with the port number and click OK.

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Convert Mp4 to Mp3

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If you have devices for playing music that do not support MP4 formats, you don’t have to worry as you can still listen to your music by converting the MP4 file to MP3 formats that most devices and software support.  This website explains what the MP4 format entails and the problems associated with its files. MP3 format is also explained, how it came about as well as its limitations. Important is the steps provided on how to go about converting the web Mp4 files to Mp3 for your use.


There is also a way you can convert the MP4 audio files in a batch to MP3 and you can also see some of the tools you can use for conversion.

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Convert WAV to MP3

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WAV MP3 converter is an all-in-one converter which converts MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3. It is also tasked with re-sampling WAV files and it supports more than 90 video and audio files and thus keeps ID3 tags when it is in the process of converting. This software is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.

The whole process lies in your hands since you can change encoding methods of the targeted files like bit rate, quality, channels and frequency. This is why using this method, you are able to convert a large file into a smaller one.


This software in the process of converting keeps ID3 tags and it also supports any changes to the volume of the sound.

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How to Create a Flyer

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Flyers are pretty simple and easy to make while at the same time being cost effective, if you need to catch the attention of the customers. To create a flyer you need to decide on the color the flyer will have, design on the number of flyers to print ensuring you put into consideration the amount you are budgeting to use on the flyer.  The second step is to create an eye catching headline, think carefully of what you will write as your headline since this is what will make potential customers want to read what the flyer is all about.


If there are discounts you will be offering, show them distinctively.Do not add many graphics unless it is very necessary.

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Decision Support System

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As you make every business decision you need to focus on issues that will help you make your business successful. Making those decisions will be useless if you do not have quality data to analyze the decisions. A decision support system that offers functionality and reliability is exactly what you need. The Decision Support System commonly referred to as DSS is basically a data-modeling method that comes in handy when analyzing business statistics it also assists in taking up business related decisions with no much effort.


The Decision Support System application gathers and presents information such as; the outcomes of various decision alternatives, revenue of products, comparative figures of sales on a weekly basis and the lists of existing information.

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Emoticons are a collection of animated toons and work in Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger. There are limited free emoticons that come with MSN. These emoticons are just related with basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger and several other emotions are covered with by smiley’s which are usually boring. However, there are several free emoticons that can be downloaded from MSN and are easy to install and fun using them.


All these emoticons have been designed by professionals and exhibit great images, this will make your chat more exciting and enjoyable. If you want to download these free emoticons, follow simple installation instructions. Free emoticons have become very popular which has led to development of their own site category.

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Free Database Software

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Many people understand the need to manage their records well and hence, invest some good amount of money to get a good database software for this purpose. The good thing is that you can still keep your records well managed without spending any money on an expensive software by using any of the free database software available. There are several of these free software and if you want to know some of them, you can access these websites where you can also learn what a database is and why you need it. It provides their descriptions and this could help you select a suitable one for you.

Database Software

Those you will find on this website are MySQl, PostgreSQl, BerkeleyDB and Firebird.

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Free Voip Software

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VoIP software has not only improved the way people communicate, especially in the business world, but has also made it possible for them to reduce the amount of money they pay on phone bills every month. There are a number of companies at the moment offering VoIP software and services. It is up to you to select one with the best features. VoIP software can be commercial or free but if you want free VoIP software to boost your business communication, you can check out these websites and choose one.

Voip Software

They have information on some of them including their features hence you won’t miss finding a suitable one. The website has information on Ekiga, Twinkle, WengoPhone, Speak Freely, Gspeakfreely and linphone.

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Install Activex

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There is no need for you to install Active-X if you already have Internet Explorer installed in your computer, all you need to do is to configure it only.  This is because Internet Explorer works as a default install to Active-X. This software works by facilitating the interaction of software components that are available in one network.

Configuration is not a hard task because all you need to do is to Open Internet Explorer and choose the tool menu that is located at the right upper position. Once you are there, click internet options and go to the security settings tab and thus the internet setting will automatically be chosen by default.

install activex

Select security and custom level and check on security buttons and click OK.

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