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What is a Proxy?

Posted by 3 September, 2009 Comments Off on What is a Proxy?

There are times when several internet sites at work or at school refuse to open and you find it hard to access a website. A Proxy is an unblocking service provider that can help you access a designated website of your choice. With the numerous filters these days many sites are blocked hence the need for a place where people can be helped to access the blocked sites.


None of the filters present have been able to block the proxy services provided by this company. Proxy releases new proxies frequently, meaning that by trusting on the services rendered you can access blocked sites. By signing up to the proxy services this will be the last place to worry about blocked sites.

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How to Pick Locks?

Posted by 3 September, 2009 Comments Off on How to Pick Locks?

Picking locks is more of an art than a science and when you find yourself locked out of the house late at night, this art will come in handy. A majority of the locks in your house or office can easily be picked using items in your household.


The process is usually simple and can easily be mastered through practice but you need to be very patient when you are trying to pick a lock. It is essential that you understand how the lock works before you try picking it. When picking a lock, it is important to use your sense of touch and hearing. This will let you hear and feel any resistance while you are trying to open it.

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How to Setup Proxy Server

Posted by 3 September, 2009 Comments Off on How to Setup Proxy Server

A proxy server receives requests that are intended for another one when the server and client are incompatible making direct connection impossible. This may happen if the client is not able to meet the requirements needed for security authentication.

To setup a proxy server, you have to have a web browser that will support the automatic configuration of the proxy using a script. An email account on Sparta, cs, Owlnet, IS, math, stat, ECE, CAAM, or MEM will be necessary to set up the proxy server.

Proxy Server

If you are using windows, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.x are compatible and if you are using Macintosh, Safari, Mozilla, Netscape 6.x and other MacOs browsers are compatible. For Unix Netscape 4.51 and Mozilla are compatible.

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Signal to Noise Ratio

Posted by 31 August, 2009 Comments Off on Signal to Noise Ratio

Signal to noise ratio is a measurement that is used in electrical engineering and refers to the ratio of a particular signal power and the noise power that corrupts the signal. The ratio makes a comparison between the levels of a signal that is desirable to the level of the noise in the background.

When the signal to noise ratio is high, it means that the background noise is not very obtrusive. The signal to noise ratio is usually expressed in terms of decibels.

Signal to Noise Ratio

When this ratio is being calculated, the assumption is that the noise and signal are not statically related and come from different sources. When there is too much noise, the ratio is low but when the noise is less the signal to noise ratio is high.

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How to Uninstall Windows Vista?

Posted by 31 August, 2009 (1) Comment

Vista is the most sophisticated operating system at the moment but most users do not consider it stable. Most people uninstall Vista because their PCs are not configured properly or lack the power required to use the features that Vista offers.


It is easy to uninstall Vista and in most cases it will take you one or two hours but it is important to note that Vista cannot be downgraded to Windows XP. If you want to have Windows XP, Vista has to be removed completely and the hard drive has to be reformatted before XP is reloaded. Make sure you back up all your files before you uninstall this operating system. Vista can also be uninstalled if you bought the computer with it and you want a different operating system.

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How to Create an Invoice?

Posted by 31 August, 2009 Comments Off on How to Create an Invoice?

InvoiceCreating an invoice is very easy instead of using an excel sheet when you want to perform calculations. The invoice will include more details compared to the word document including business details, contacts, logo and a table that will have costs, labor and parts. This table will also calculates taxes and totals and give you the total sum payable. Some fields can also be included on the invoice to get customer information promptly.

Once you have included all the details you want in the invoice, you can save it as a template. The heading is the most important thing on the invoice and make sure the body of the invoice does not have any grammatical errors as this is one of the ways people end up losing money.

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What is Processor Speed?

Posted by 31 August, 2009 Comments Off on What is Processor Speed?

The processing speed of a computer’s CPU is a vital factor of consideration when acquiring one. The speed is measured in number of cycles per second and the measuring unit is called hertz.  The higher the speed the more desirable the CPU is as it takes shorter time to execute commands. When selecting a computer CPU it’s important to first consider its use as heavier uses need faster speed.

Processor Speed

The processor speed of a computer can be determined in a matter of seconds. The internet provides a testing application through ‘Test My CPU Speed’ which instantly gives accurate ratings. The speed can also be determined at boot where specifications of the computer are given or by physically looking at the listings on the slot processor.

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What is Business intelligence (BI)?

Posted by 26 August, 2009 Comments Off on What is Business intelligence (BI)?

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices that enable a business understand its commercial context. Simply put, its understanding the business and how to best improve it. is a link that explains the history and concepts of BI. Hans Peter Luhn came up with the term in an article he wrote in 1958.

Business Intelligence Graph

The aim of BI is to help in better decision making. The functions of BI technologies are data mining, analysis, benchmarking, business performance management and reporting. Data warehousing is an important part of BI as the data of a company whether present or historic is essential in making relevant decisions. Understanding BI enables a business to effectively compete as well as plan for the future.

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What is CPM Advertising?

Posted by 26 August, 2009 Comments Off on What is CPM Advertising?

The link provides the reasons why most large websites prefer to use the Cost Per Thousand or CPM adverting as their mode of marketing themselves. The method is quite cheap and promises that at least the advert will be seen by the customers. Regardless of whether the viewer clicks on the ad or not, the advertiser can rest assured that the ad caught the visitor’s eye.

CPM Report

The idea behind it is that the impression made on the buyer is enough to market the product. Although the method has been around for a long time, it’s only effective for large websites because they have the capability to provide a huge number of impressions thus the buyer will prefer to search there for convenience purposes.

The “M” in CPM comes from the French word “Mille”, which means “thousand”.  The French term is used even in English-speaking countries.

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How to Unblock Websites?

Posted by 20 August, 2009 Comments Off on How to Unblock Websites?

Unblock WebsiteIf you use the internet more often to find information, for instance, for research work or just recreational purposes, you have possibly experienced that there are important pages you have not been able to access probably because they are blocked in some way. On this website, you will find information on how you can go about unblocking such pages and have access to all the information you need.

The website explains some of the common ways of how to unblock websites such as using anonymizers or proxy servers, Google tools, IP address and using URL redirect services. You can find information on which kind of websites are well unblocked using which method and the procedure for doing so by accessing the website.

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