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How to Open RAR Files?

Posted by 8 August, 2009 Comments Off on How to Open RAR Files?

RAR   IconThere are number of tools which can compress file and you can then send them to your friends via email or FTP. Apart from that, these tool reduces the size of the file specially text files. One of the widely used extensions of Compressed files is *.Rar.  This article will help you if you want to Open Rar Files and you don’t have the proper tool for that.

As in the start, I mentioned that there are number of tools but the most common used tools are 7 Zip and Winrar. These tools are licensed and there is less risk of downloading a *.rar file containing virus or malwares. Please visit to know more about the features of these tools.

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How to Clean Windows Registry?

Posted by 8 August, 2009 Comments Off on How to Clean Windows Registry?

Delete RegistryOne of the important components of your Windows is Registry which keeps all the records of your Software, Hardware, and all other parts of your computers. Things often go worse because of some Virus or Malware attack and you want to clean the registry. Most of the people do not know how to Clean Registry and they try reinstalling Windows which of course, is not a solution.

It is very easy to uninstall a program from Windows but often certain parts of the Uninstalled software are left in the registry which results into hang ups and slow speed of your computer.  This happens because people do not clean their Windows Registry or don’t know how to do that.

Please click here to learn how to clean registry through a manual way and or software application.

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How to Convert Ounces to Grams

Posted by 8 August, 2009 Comments Off on How to Convert Ounces to Grams

Ounces to GramsYou are given a task to convert thousand units Ounces to Grams and you want to do it fast. One way of doing it, is using a Calculator but imagine 1000 numbers to convert. That would take much time but if you use online calculator to Convert Ounces to Grams, it will not only save your time but also the results will be accurate and you won’t need to recheck them.  These online Calculators for Ounces to Grams Conversion also provide you a chart which can help you convert these units manually. There are many online sources but the one I found the best is  Very fast results and I calculated 500 units in 10 minutes. If I had to use a calculator, that would have taken at least 30-40 minutes.

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Convert Centimeters to Inches

Posted by 8 August, 2009 Comments Off on Convert Centimeters to Inches

Centimeters to InchesIf you are not a good Mathematician, it’s not a big deal. Sometimes you have to convert different Math units to another and you don’t know the formula. There are hundreds on online sources from where you can convert these Units to other units for instance, Centimeters to Inches, Centimeter to Ounces, and Centimeters to Kilometers etc. If you know the proper method you can easily do that but if you want to quick your process, you might want to use the website to Convert Centimeters to Inches.

Also you can convert the units manually from the chart given on the website. One good and fast source of converting Centimeters to Units is

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How to Delete Internet History

Posted by 8 August, 2009 Comments Off on How to Delete Internet History

Clear Internet HistoryWant to make sure no one can spy and sneak where you’ve been on the Internet? Sometimes being able to delete browser history can come in useful, especially on mutual computers. By following these directions, you’ll be able to do Delete Internet History, just that with any browsers you use.

  1. Click on the Start Button on the desktop.
  2. Go to Settings Tab.
  3. Click on Control Panel Button.
  4. Double click “Internet Options”.
  5. Select the General Tab, if it’s not already selected..
  6. In History Box, Click ‘Clear History’.
  7. Click OK when it asks for confirmation.
  8. Click OK again at the bottom of the General Box to quit.

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PHP Dir Submit – Start Your Own Semi-automatic Directory Submission Website

Posted by 16 July, 2009 Comments Off on PHP Dir Submit – Start Your Own Semi-automatic Directory Submission Website

Website owners just found a new allied to increase their site traffic and make more money with their site. With the introduction of PHP Directory Submission Script, anyone can now easily start their own semi-automatic directory submission website that allows them to earn huge amount of money.

Spare your time from manually submitting website directories, PHP Dir Submit script cuts down you time of submitting to directories and allows you more time to focus on other important things. This script really saves a lot of time and expenses especially when you are in a search engine marketing business. PHP Dir Submit is so easy and convenient to use. Actually, it ready to use. Its packages come with 300 directory links, 50 article directories and 50 social book marking sites that is already preloaded so you can just “install and go” to start increasing your earnings. And if you think these links are not enough, you can use its admin control panel to manually add more links of your choice.

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Windows Live messenger – what is it? How to uninstall it?

Posted by 14 July, 2009 Comments Off on Windows Live messenger – what is it? How to uninstall it?

Windows-Live-Messenger-IconIf you’re looking for a way to communicate to your families and friends, that is, of course without telephone, as being the medium, then Windows Live Messenger is one of the best options available. It is one of the most popular operating system and also the latest one used by millions of users across the world and has an ability to establish network connection between any two computers via internet.

With its facility of instant messaging, you can now send and receive long or short messages in only a fraction of seconds and apparently at the same time receive emails. This would however need an internet connection to be in place.

If you’re looking for a way to uninstall Windows Live Messenger then the following procedures can be used:

  1. Open the start menu and click Run.
  2. In the command box enter “RunDll32 advpack.dll, LaunchINFSection %windir%INFmsmsgs.inf, BLC.Remove”.
  3. Click the Ok button.
  4. Then it will ask you to restart your computer, click Yes.

Using this simple method, you can Uninstall Windows Live Messenger easily.

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Wi-Tribe Wireless Broadband Launched in Pakistan – Get Online with No Line

Posted by 9 July, 2009 (9) Comment

wi-tribe logoI was very happy that PTCL took the initiative after WorldCall to introduce Wirless Broadband in USB Adapters in Pakistan but it was obvious that other companies will also enter into the competition. And now here is Wi-Tribe, a wireless broadband service provider. Although the charges of Wi-Tribe are high and limited packages (less speed) as compared to World Call and PTCL but they are giving a money back guarantee of 7 days to unsatisfied customers.

There is no unlimited package like PTCL and WorldCall wireless braodbands. Instead there is Data limited per month which makes Wi-Tribe expensive. But I think we will give Wi-Tribe some time. One thing, that will help them is Customer Support Service. PTCL Customer Support Service is not at all satisfactory. If you encounter an issue at night, no body is there to pick your call. A better customer service brings better and long lasting customers.

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Ufone New SMS Bundle Offer – Weekly SMS Bundle Package Introduced!

Posted by 9 July, 2009 (18) Comment

Ufone LogoSMS Bundle offers led to NO DELIVERY CONFIRMATION messages anymore and load on network but Telecom companies keep on presenting such offers. Now Ufone offers new SMS bundle offers. As for as the Daily SMS package is concerned, customer used to activate it manually initially but now Ufone has  automated the system. Thank God, one good news. A new SMS bundle package has been introduced by Ufone, named as Weekly Package.

Subscribers can enjoy 700 SMS to any network in Pakistan for as low as Rs. 0.01/SMS. Means customer has to pay 6.99+ Tax or Rs. 8.36 included Taxes to avail this offer. Read the rest of this entry

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Call Ufone to Any Network, Any Time Just for Re. 60 Per 30 Seconds

Posted by 9 July, 2009 (2) Comment

Ufone LogoAlthough Ufone is apparently failed to save its credibility because of its poor quality service and old equipment but they must be appreciated for the humorous Television ads. Well…More specifically their Ad Agency. Ufone now presents a new offer to its subscribers and they can now call Ufone to Ufone or any other network in Pakistan for as low as Re. 60 per 30 seconds.

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