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Trial Against Founders of Pirate Bay Begins

Posted by 16 February, 2009 Comments Off on Trial Against Founders of Pirate Bay Begins


Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay is a free file-sharing website with over 25 million members, uses an Internet Protocol ‘Torrent” and provide the TV Shows, Movies, Music. Four men behind the scene are accused by the media firms including Warner Bros, MGM, Sony for copy right theft in the courts there in Sweden. The men will have to confront 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $143,500 if found offenders.

De fence lawyer is trying to convince the courts that the file-sharing service can be using legally and illegally either way, and it is not against the laws of Sweden and the files are not located on Pirate Bay’s own server. The files are hosted on different countries’ servers.  Once before Swedish Polish raided on the Pirate Bays office and shut down the website and frozen their 200 servers in 2006 but they started again.

The Media Firms are looking for 115 million kronor (10.6 million Euros) for the damages they faced because of more than tens of millions of free downloads Pirate Bay offered and according to the owners, they don’t have earn much money that could be paid for damages.


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Facebook Aims Relationship with Nokia

Posted by 15 February, 2009 (1) Comment

Facebook Nokia Tie-Up

A lot of ties-up being happened in recent years. Facebook, a Social Networking Portal is in correspondence with mobile phone manufacture Nokia to set in features of its portal onto the company’s mobile handsets.

According to Wall Street Journal, the companies are thinking about the choice of combining the Nokia users Phonebook with Facebook contact list, so, the users can find out that which one their contact is using Facebook and contact them through the portal.

Nokia is considering the option and thinking about how well this can go on. A spokeswoman for Facebook simply said the company is “dedicated to working with and developing partnerships with mobile operators and device makers all over the world.”

A rumor is also being heard about Facebook that it is in contact with Motorola with the same proposal.


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X-Mini Capsule Speaker – World’s First Pocketsized Speaker with Built in Bass Support

Posted by 14 February, 2009 (2) Comment

X-Mini Capsule Speaker

X-Mini Capsule is one of the smallest speakers with built in bass support, launched in the world. It is an innovative audio portable gadget. It is as small as can be fit in the palm of a hand. Though it is small in size but the quality is very justifiable and even on full volume, the sound does not crack because of it’s physique and use of vacuum bass technology. The vacuum which impersonate the resonance features of a sub-woofer and gives the X-Mini Capsule a crisp, full bodied sound and volume. The vacuum can be extended or closed as per the need.

It comes with two built in batteries with 8 hours continuous playback. It is a best accessory to have with MP3 players, Laptops, Mobile Phone, Portable Games soothes.X-Mini Capsule Speaker Small


  • Compact size
  • High quality sound, with clear bass resonance
  • 8 hours of continuous playback from one charge
  • 2.4W output
  • 52 grams
  • Matte black finish
  • Included USB charging cable, felt bag
  • Compatible with all Mp3 players, laptops, games consoles etc


The gadget can be bough from:

PRICE: Approx. Rs. 1700/- (PKR)

Disclaimer: The gadget was being searched over Internet and we do not store it with us. The price is estmitaed by converting British Pounds in PKRs.

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Ufone Disables SMS Delivery Confirmation on Valentines Day

Posted by 14 February, 2009 (2) Comment

Valentines DayI received a message from Ufone which was sent to inform that the SMS delivery notifications will remain disabled from 13th Feb 9 PM to 14th Feb 2 Am to cope up with the overload expected on Valentines day.

Ufone Message:

As a regular practice , SMS delivery confirmation will be  unavailable from 13th Feb 9 PM to 14th Feb 2 AM to serve high SMS traffic on Valentines Day

Well… Just think how many of us send messages to each other to wish days we are proud of- like 14th August, 24 Oct, 25 Dec etc., but just imagine the hike in SMS traffic on Valentines day.

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Faisal Qureshi & Aijaz Aslam in Telenor Persona TV Commercial -Is It Working?

Posted by 14 February, 2009 (6) Comment

Recently, Telenor introduced three postpaid Persona Packages and in it’s one of TV commercial we see Faisal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam as Doctor and Businessman. Sounds funny huh!? Both are acting in a comedy show ‘Main Aur Tum’ at ARY Digital and their image is quite different from what Telenor Persona tried to build from their campaign. Telenor would be more successful if they could bring some humorous part in their campaigns and endorse these actors. Don’t know whether this is working or not. The results will come on screen after the ‘ratings’ issued by the agency (Adcom).

Telenor made the same mistake when it started it’s Postpaid Plan (Persona) endorsing ‘Jamal Shah’ who is an artist as Business Executive and the ratings went down. People have different images of artists in their minds and in my opinion Telenor continuously fails to understand this (specially for their postpaid plan).

What you guys think? Do you like both in the professions they are assigned in Personal TV Commercial or not. Write your comments on this.

Disclaimer: Above written article is the Author’s personal opinion and everyone has the right to agree or disagree.

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Wateen Telecom Waived Off Rs. 4800/- to Continue Using Their Service

Posted by 12 February, 2009 (2) Comment

Wateen Print AdI used to use Wateen WiMax when it was launched but then I moved to the Cable DSL and quit using Wateen WiMax. After approximately 1 year or even more, I shifted to another house and Cable DSL was not available in new apartment. I thought,should give another try to Wateen WiMax but did not want to pay the dues which I had to pay for not using the service for long. I called the customer support center and asked if I can re-activate my account without paying the dues (which she told me was Rs. 4800/-). She guided me through the whole procedure and forwarded my ticket to appropriate department. Then I received a call next day from Lahore Wateen Headquarters and they told me that my dues are being waived off and I can use the service for next 20 days for free. Yes, for free because it was settled down in my last month bill.

Wateen LogoOne weird thing I came across. I registered myself with Wateen Telecom for 512 KBPS and Telephony Service (290 Rs. Rent per month). I hardly use Wateen Telephone, so, I asked them to downgrade my Telephony Package to Rs. 90 per month rent. But they said that we are unable to upgrade or downgrade your package at the moment and this facility is not available. Sounds weird? Yes! Well… according to them, they are working on it and hope they will come up with a solution.

This is kind of unusual in Pakistan when a company waives off your charges to continue using their services but I had this good experience with Wateen Telecom. I might be using the service for few more months but not forever, just waiting for PTCL ‘On the Go‘ USB Device.

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Nokia 5220 XpressMusic for Sale -Hungry Edition {Final Demand Just Rs. 10500/-}

Posted by 11 February, 2009 (3) Comment


Nokia 5220 Xpress Music

  • 10 Month (Starlet) Warranty
  • Handsfree
  • Original Charger
  • Micro Memory Card 1 GB
  • Box
  • Data Cable
  • Software CD
  • Condition: Excellent/Like New


Complete Specifications can be found here:

Contact me at: zaheerajk (at) [Remove (at) with @ symbol].

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Paying 5% Extra to Mobile Operators on Every Recharge for NO Reason

Posted by 11 February, 2009 (1) Comment

Illegal 5% Extra by Mobile Operators in Pakistan

While browsing blog, I came through an Open Letter to Chairman PTA Dr. Muhammad Yaseen drawing his attention towards a serious matter regarding the 5% extra deduction by Cellular Companies on recharge.  The letter consists of very valid points. Call me absent minded or whatever but I never noticed, I am paying 36% tax on every recharge (10% Withholding Tax, 21% GST, and 5% so called Withholding Tax). I appreciate someone’s effort to write the letter and representing  approximately half the population of Pakistan.

I hope but not sure that PTA will take any action against this 5% extra deduction on every recharge, this certainly makes no sense.  Please find below the letter (I would suggest the writer to send a hard copy to Chairman PTA, well… there are little to no chances that he would bother to read but still why not give it a try).

Honourable Chairman,
Pakistan Telecommunications Authority

Issue: Charging 5% on Recharge by all Mobile Companies

I would like to take this issue into your kind consideration that for the last few months, to be exact from August 2008, all mobile operators have been charging 5 % extra charges on recharging the balance. I would like to mention following points which are showing that these charges are against all the rules and regulation and make no sense;

  • When all the mobile operators are reducing call rates there is no sense of charging 5 % without giving any reason to the consumer. We still see no further hiring for call centers or network expansion that could really better their service, as they had claimed.
  • In all the businesses and transactions when you are paying any amount to any one, none has to pay penalty for that payment rather relief has been provided to customers throughout the world. Does this 5% extra charges make any sense.
  • After deduction of 31 % taxes (10% with holding tax and 21 % General Sales Tax) all the money goes in to the account of the operators then why this 5 % charges being deducted on recharge. Are they now paying this 5% amount to any powerful personality?
  • We have near 8 crore mobile customers in Pakistan. If we assume that 1 crore of them recharge their account, then it amounts over 100 crore recharge on daily basis. If we calculate 5% this extra deduction, it is estimated that 5 crore are being collected illegally. Why this 5 crore is being looted from innocent customers.

Dear Sir, I would like to make this case a history in the consumer right protection. Your Excellency, it is a matter of make or break. We have to stand up against all the forces which are killing the customer’s right with out any fear and discrimination.

Your decision in this case will be, definitely a wining situation of the consumers and build trust on our system of justice.

Me, and other 90 millions are waiting for your kind decision.

Yours truly,


Letter Source:

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Pakistan’s Richest Man 2008 – Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha (Net Worth $4.4 Billion)

Posted by 11 February, 2009 (8) Comment

pakistan_mansha1With 40 companies on board and having the ownership of Muslim Commercial Bank, Pakistan, Mansha is headed up to a $17 Million Paper Mill. Nishat Group was country’s 15th richest family in 1970, 6th in 1990 and 1st in 1997. He is making investments in the country as well as outside the boundaries. He also planned to buy United Bank Limited but who doesn’t have opponents. Nishat Group consists of textiles, cement, leasing, insurance and management companies.

  • Name: Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha
  • Source: 40 companies
  • Net Worth: $4.4 billlion
  • Country Of Citizenship: Pakistan
  • Industry: Investments
  • Marital Status: Married

Mansha had to bear the nationalization in the Bhutto Era but it was than compensated by the Nawaz Government (through Denationalization). Since then there is not one who can stop Mansha. He is still moving ahead.

Nishat Group Assets are $4.4 Billion. He is considered as Pakistan Richest Man but according to his friends, “he doesn’t show-off”.

Other Pakistan’s Billionaires 2008

  • Name: Asif Ali Zardari
  • Source: Industry: Politics
  • Net Worth: $4 billion
  • Country Of Citizenship: Pakistan
  • Industry: Investments
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Name: Sir Anwar Pervaiz
  • Source: Businessman
  • Net Worth: $1.5billion
  • Country Of Citizenship: Pakistan
  • Industry: Investments
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Name: Nawaz Sharif
  • Source: Politics/Businessman
  • Net Worth: $1.4billion
  • Country Of Citizenship: Pakistan
  • Industry: Investments
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Name: Saddaruddin Hashwani
  • Source: Businessman
  • Net Worth: $1.1billion
  • Country Of Citizenship: Pakistan
  • Industry: Investments
  • Marital Status: Married
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@Internet Magazine (Pakistan) Launched Official Website ‘on .info extension’

Posted by 10 February, 2009 (9) Comment

@internet Website

@Internet is an Internet & technology related magazine in Pakistan which was launched in July 1999. @Internet has been successful because of it’s uniqueness and the respect it gives to it’s readers.

Recently, @Internet launched it’s website which is still in its initial stages. I wish @Internet best of luck but being a loyal customer, I am not pleased with the domain extension. I do understand that its an information related magazine but still it was not supposed to be on .info extension. If @Internet is not satisfied with .com extension then go for .tm (Trade Mark)  extension. I don’t think that a Magazine that goes in almost every corner of the country is ‘price conscious’.

Now coming over to the design of website, the website is designed beautifuly and is cozy. I like the 3D guy playing around but agian, the Character is very much common on internet so @Internet should try some new Character instead. All 3D work is done professionally and awesome speacilly the pictures on home page for E-Guide, Reviews, Opinions, and Regular.

I again wish @Internet best of luck for their future endeavors.

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