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Telenor Pakistan Official Website Down!

Posted by 29 January, 2009 (3) Comment


While browsing, I came to know that Telenor (GSM Service Providers) Pakistan website is down. At first, I thought its just me but I then tried checking it using some proxies but no results.

Its very unusual that a company’s website goes down like this without a prior notice. I have no idea whether they are running some maintenance or what but what matters is their website is not live at the moment.

Just thought, should share this with my blog visitors. I am sure Telenor must have a good excuse for this.

Website URL:

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Virtual University of Pakistan – Should or Should not Join!

Posted by 28 January, 2009 (59) Comment

Virtual University of Pakistan

Today, a friend of mine drew my attention to something that I was ignoring intentionally – Education System of Pakistan. Well… I am not going to discuss this topic here but rather I have chosen a university to discuss about. We have around 124 Universities in Pakistan recognized by Higher Education Commission. The university system I have selected for discussion is Virtual University of Pakistan (VU). I am not really interested in discussing the methodology of VU, rather I will talk about who should and should not apply, scope, and what are the problems exisitng students are facing.

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PTA Released Number of Mobile Subscribers at the Year End 2008

Posted by 28 January, 2009 Comments Off on PTA Released Number of Mobile Subscribers at the Year End 2008


Monday, 19 January 2009: PTA officially released the number of customers of Mobile Operators in Pakistan and their Growth rate at the year end 2008. There is an increase of 24,859,955 customers overall from December 2007 but the growth rate has declined to 39.4% from 80.7% of last year.

Break up of total Subscribers (as on December 2009):













Insta Phone




Growth Rate:


* Revised

Mobile Phone Density:





















Note: Including AJK & NAs

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Ufone Offers 3 Minute Package

Posted by 27 January, 2009 Comments Off on Ufone Offers 3 Minute Package

Ufone has just launched a new package “3 Minute Package”. Users can pay a lump-sum amount of Rs. 2/3 Minutes for OnNet Calls (Ufone to Ufone) and Rs. 3.20/3 Minutes for calls to other mobile operators and landlines. Ufone Customers can call 3 minutes for the price of just two minutes, that means 3rd minute is free. If the average price per minute is calculated, the amount comes is 66 paisas per minute.

IMO: The offer is in response to Mobilink 68 Paisas offer and this continues the price war between Telecommunication Companies. I thought, now they will pay more attention to the value added and customer serivces, but they say, once a price war starts, it doesn’t stop easily. Lets see what other Mobile Operators do, whether they reduce the price or improve other services.

More details regarding the package can be found here:

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Chevrolet Joy – Just for 609,000 PKR

Posted by 27 January, 2009 (2) Comment

While reading the newspaper, I got astonished to see the price of Chevrolet Joy that is 609,000 PKR. We all know the Chevrolet is one of the Comfortable cars. The company claims that Chevrolet Joy provides you:

  • Saftey
  • Comfort
  • Ultimate Design
  • Fringe Benefits.

The company claims that it’s ‘all-in-one’ car which keeps everyone in the family happy. I like the black color. It’s very cozy for me at least :). The price of Chevrolet Joy with CNJ kit is 649,000 PKR.

More details can be found here:

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Mobilink Among Top 100 Mobile Operator Brands Across Globe

Posted by 27 January, 2009 (1) Comment

January 22, 2009: Mobilink an Orascom Telecom Group Brand is being announced among top 100 Mobile Operator Brands in the world by  Informa Telecoms & Media. The brands are evaluated on a pre-determined criterion which was based on Quality, service and perceptions. Mobilink was ranked 3rd among the “Brands Punching Above Their Weight” category ahead of Airtel, Tata Indicom and Reliance which stand 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. The overall rank of Mobilink is 68 among the leading Celluler Operators worldwide.

Mobilink is the leader in Pakistan Telecommunication Industry with over 30 Million customers and also the pioneer of GSM Service in Pakistan (1993).


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48 Percent Increase PTCL Broadband Customers in Last Quarter

Posted by 27 January, 2009 Comments Off on 48 Percent Increase PTCL Broadband Customers in Last Quarter

Yesterday: PTCL Broadband showed a growth of 48% in last quarter of 2008 (October – December). According to a PTCL Spokesperson, PTCL has attained a significant increase in number of customers in just one and a half year -that is over 100,000 customers in over 100 cities and towns across Pakistan.

PTCL started it’s broadband services in 2007 and is successful till date. October 2008 was a bright month for PTCL as it became the first Pakistani Broadband service that is covering more then 100 cities and towns across the country. And just after 2 months, it became the first company to have more then 100,000 customers all over the country.

The secret behind the success of PTCL Broadband is it’s target market. It went beyond the geographical boundaries and made Broadband affordable for a common man. Students of selected Institutes are given privilege of enjoying a discount of 30% on all packages. Along with this, PTCL also introduced other services such as movies, music, classical Pakistani dramas, educational data, religious content and cricket matches and last but not the least PTCL Wireless broadband ‘On the Go‘. 

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Don’t Pay for the Call – Ufone offers ‘Collect Call’ Facility

Posted by 24 January, 2009 (2) Comment

You don’t want to pay for calls you are making to your boss/organization? You have to call your parents often and your pocket money doesn’t allow you to? Ufone solves your problem.

Ufone now present a new service “Ufone Collect Call” which allows subscribers to shift their call charges to recepient. This service is mainly targeted to working people who have to call at their offices for official work and children who wish to call their parents but don’t want to pay.

Well… Lets see how it goes, now after Credit Share facility, there is possibility that people might misuse the service and ‘shift all the load on their pockets to parents and friends’ 🙂

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Hack Series Continues – PID’s Website Got Hacked!

Posted by 22 January, 2009 Comments Off on Hack Series Continues – PID’s Website Got Hacked!

In recent past, we saw some of Pakistan’s Government websites got hacked by Indian Hackers. Though Pakistanis got them back but what is the reason behind this. How many of us secure their files/websites etc.? The answer is “not more then 5%”. This is because of the lack of education. This time Press Information Department (PID) website along with some other sites are being compromised.

Though PID site is back agian but still there is need to have more Internet theft/anti-hacking security. PWDAJK site still has a message from hackers “HackeD By ZombiE_KsA and nEt DeVil”. Government should secure Government website, if they can’t do it for others, at least do it for Pakistan.

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Zong Entry into Pakistan & Price War between Pakistani GSM Service Providers

Posted by 22 January, 2009 (1) Comment

In 1993, Mobilink started GSM service in Pakistan (yes, Mobilink is the pioneer) but later on with the passage of time and development in IT industry, we now have 5 GSM service providers namely Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Telenor, and Zong.


There was a time when users had to pay charges for even incoming calls and now we see a bigger change. Users can call for free to some selected numbers and also a new package is introduced, ‘Happy Hour’,  that gives you facility to call on some numbers for free in day time.

There is intense competition between all providers and it leads them to a price war. Everyday low prices brought users to companies but on the other hand we see a little compromise on quality in shape of hidden charges, weak customer support service etc.

Zong entry into Pakistan was a big challenge for that time existing companies and Zong entered and Rocked. They targeted the 60-70% of the population and they succeeded. There advertisement campaigns are simple yet professional and attractive. They didn’t endorsed any celebrity in their advertisement may be to save the “Celebrity Cost” or it may be a part of their strategy not to use a celebrity in start as they succeeded in creating customers without it and they can use it at a later stage to better position their brand.

The prices are now a down as the limit set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), now GSM service providers have to pay attention on their customer and value added services. In a competition where price war starts, either some companies succeed or becomes the casualities of that era.

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