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What is Forensic Science

Posted by 8 October, 2009 Comments Off on What is Forensic Science

Forensic science is any science that is applied in law thus can provide impartial evidence to be used in a court of law. It applies principles from various branches of science such as chemistry, biology, psychology and others. It also offers support within the police force in activities like collection and comparison of fingerprints and examination of crime scenes. It provides diverse specialties in fields such as accounting, economics, linguistics, odontology, engineering, photography, pathology, entomology, toxicology and psychology and psychiatry. Forensic science experts undergo extensive training on handling of evidence and safeguarding the veracity of evidence obtained in an investigation.

Forensic Science

Forensic scientists can at times be required to appear in a court of law either on prosecution or defense especially in criminal cases.

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What is HIPPA

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HIPPA is an abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and refers to a bill that was made to protect people from fraud, abuse, improper use of health insurance and all the other aspects related to health.

The bill outlines the health insurance rules and the repercussions of not following them. This bill is made up of two parts. One of the reasons that it was created was to protect people who lose their jobs from losing their health insurance. Even those who have preexisting conditions are protected to make sure that they get access to health insurance.


The second section of this bill mainly deals with the punishments that people will get if they do not follow this.

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What is SAAS

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SAAS stands for Software As A Service. It is a new software technology technique that allows you to use any software application when the need for it arises. This means that it is an application that is available to the consumers on demand. The application licensing may be availed for use by a single user or it can be shared by multiple users. The license terminates as soon as the purpose of the application is over.

The fact that the software applications are available on demand makes it popular due to less maintenance and its quality service. It also saves the user the complicated software requirements once the need of the software is over.


SAAS offers the service provider a centralized control of the business.

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What is San

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SAN (Storage Area Network) is a fast subnet that consists of shared storage devices. It is a technology that interconnects SAN islands within a larger network in order to allow for communication between these San islands while at the same time maintaining their autonomy. The SAN is integrated into the network so as it appears like a  local drive on the system which has access to different forms of write and read capabilities. SAN is useful in customization of large frequently used files which makes its easier to access them and it is managed by remote server handles request for data when distributed along larger networks.


Common problems experienced when using SAN include disk failure and system down time after a given time of use.

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What is Sas70

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The Statement On Auditing Standard 70 is used by auditors to evaluate servicing companies. If you are involved in auditing then it is important that you get to understand how to use the SAS70. The SAS 70 is developed by the American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants. It is also useful in providing transparency in the business.

The SAS70 cSas70an be used to audit various organizations involved in outsourcing including the credit and data centers. The security firms and clearing houses are also among those that can be audited.

After the editor has gone through all the important details they are released as the service auditors report. This reserve is particularly reserved for use by the company and the editor.

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What is ITIL

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This is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library which is widely used in the world. This IT practice is the best combination of both the private and the public sector internationally, it demonstrates how the Information Technology resources should be arranged to convey the documenting processes, business values, roles and functions of Information Technology service management (ITSM).

ITIL has three versions. The first version deals with cabling system, office acoustics and the power back up.


The second version was introduced to prevent the duplicated entries, add new IT techniques to the system and maintain the consistency of the topic and the last version of the ITIL deals with service strategy, design of the service, operations, transitional and transition of the service.

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WMV File

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Windows Media Video ( WMV) was developed by Microsoft as an encoding system. In 1999, Microsoft introduced the WMV file which is part of the greater ASF, HDB, and WMA which forms part of Microsoft encoding sector. The main purpose for its creation was to compete with RealVideo which is a rival streaming industry. Window Media Video extension in most cases was used to refer to WMV codec use.

There are several other industries that codec competes with and it includes MPEG4 and DivX. In its first installation, the WMV 9 codec assisted video resolutions of up to 1080p.

WMV 9 Professional was formed to integrate with Window Media Video 9 and thus it became active when 300,000 pixels were exceeded.

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Quality Submissions

Posted by 6 October, 2009 Comments Off on Quality Submissions

These days search engine optimization is becoming a fast growing trend among most IT professionals. In such a situation, the number of companies offering SEO services to websites is bound to rise.

One of the most important processes involved in SEO is Link Building. What is link building? It is nothing but generating hyperlinks leading to your site from a variety of different sites. There are a number of processes that can be used for link building, such as, Directory Submissions, Deep Link Submissions, Social Bookmarking, etc.

In such a scenario, the ethics of SEO comes into question. It has been a long standing debate whether link building is a black hat process or not. Some people are insistent that link building is a completely unethical and hence black hat, way of generating links to the site. This can be considered correct to some extent. Then again, it depends on the processes involved in the link building strategy to determine whether it is unethical or not.

To elaborate, when submissions are done in a very large scale without looking at the relevance of the posts made in it, the link building process start to bend towards black hat. When there is mass link building going on for a particular site without caring for the relevance of the keywords or links or the pages where the links are being placed, the link building expert process becomes unethical.

On the other hand is the submissions are done in an organized manner targeting those pages containing relevant data and pointing the user in the right direction without having the sole motive of generating traffic for the site in whatever manner possible, it becomes a completely ethical instance of link building.

If used in the proper manner, link building will become a source of sustained traffic for a site. If abused, it can permanently damage the credibility of your site and affect the traffic being generated to a very large extent.

Many people are also nowadays turning to outsource link building as an option to get things done fast.

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Trojan Horse Virus

Posted by 17 September, 2009 Comments Off on Trojan Horse Virus

This website describes a Trojan horse virus. This has continued to be the most persistent form of malaware. A malaware inflicts damage to a computer or a computer network. Technically speaking they are not viruses but it is their mode of action that leads them to be called so. The site features the variants of the Trojan Horse Virus for example Bohmini A and the aliases it uses ; Trojan, Skintrim, Mal/HckPk-A, Generic.dx and Packed, Generic.198, the characteristics of the Trojans and viruses, the effect they have on computers and the web browsers vulnerable to infiltration.

The site also describes their mode of removal and prevention.  The site gives an area for visitors to the site to give their views and opinions.

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Posted by 17 September, 2009 Comments Off on WMIPrvse

This website link describes the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) as a website component that provides information concerning system management inside an enterprise atmosphere. It is an Application Program Interface that allows the management and control of devices in network.

The link also describes the Windows Management Instrumentation provider service, its functionality platforms, and the path in which Wmiprvse.exe and its associated components are stored. Developers use the file to generate applications, which are distributed as monitoring tools.

It also describes the WMI control, which is a tool that allows users to assemble WMI settings close by or remotely. It gives instructions on how to access the WMI control. Then goes on to describe the tasks the WMI console is capable of performing.

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