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Convert Mp4 to Mp3

Posted by 8 October, 2009 Comments Off on Convert Mp4 to Mp3

If you have devices for playing music that do not support MP4 formats, you don’t have to worry as you can still listen to your music by converting the MP4 file to MP3 formats that most devices and software support.  This website explains what the MP4 format entails and the problems associated with its files. MP3 format is also explained, how it came about as well as its limitations. Important is the steps provided on how to go about converting the web Mp4 files to Mp3 for your use.


There is also a way you can convert the MP4 audio files in a batch to MP3 and you can also see some of the tools you can use for conversion.

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Quality Submissions

Posted by 6 October, 2009 Comments Off on Quality Submissions

These days search engine optimization is becoming a fast growing trend among most IT professionals. In such a situation, the number of companies offering SEO services to websites is bound to rise.

One of the most important processes involved in SEO is Link Building. What is link building? It is nothing but generating hyperlinks leading to your site from a variety of different sites. There are a number of processes that can be used for link building, such as, Directory Submissions, Deep Link Submissions, Social Bookmarking, etc.

In such a scenario, the ethics of SEO comes into question. It has been a long standing debate whether link building is a black hat process or not. Some people are insistent that link building is a completely unethical and hence black hat, way of generating links to the site. This can be considered correct to some extent. Then again, it depends on the processes involved in the link building strategy to determine whether it is unethical or not.

To elaborate, when submissions are done in a very large scale without looking at the relevance of the posts made in it, the link building process start to bend towards black hat. When there is mass link building going on for a particular site without caring for the relevance of the keywords or links or the pages where the links are being placed, the link building expert process becomes unethical.

On the other hand is the submissions are done in an organized manner targeting those pages containing relevant data and pointing the user in the right direction without having the sole motive of generating traffic for the site in whatever manner possible, it becomes a completely ethical instance of link building.

If used in the proper manner, link building will become a source of sustained traffic for a site. If abused, it can permanently damage the credibility of your site and affect the traffic being generated to a very large extent.

Many people are also nowadays turning to outsource link building as an option to get things done fast.

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What is a Proxy?

Posted by 3 September, 2009 Comments Off on What is a Proxy?

There are times when several internet sites at work or at school refuse to open and you find it hard to access a website. A Proxy is an unblocking service provider that can help you access a designated website of your choice. With the numerous filters these days many sites are blocked hence the need for a place where people can be helped to access the blocked sites.


None of the filters present have been able to block the proxy services provided by this company. Proxy releases new proxies frequently, meaning that by trusting on the services rendered you can access blocked sites. By signing up to the proxy services this will be the last place to worry about blocked sites.

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