What is Proxy? How You Can Surf Internet Anonymously

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anonymousbecauseIf you want to browse the page of your favorite website, then proxy site is there to help you to open your favorite site. The best advantage of using proxies is that you can easily access those sites, which are originally blocked for you. Once you start browsing the site through proxy, your IP will not be detected.

How proxy site works?

This enables you to bypass your Internet provider to open the restricted site saving your IP address for being logged on. You can take the help of specific proxy lists, this list has the servers of HTTP/HTPS/SOCKS proxies, which allow the users to make indirect network.

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Unblock Myspace from school – the easy way!

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Unlock Codes For MyspaceWe all are aware of the social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, and those who are a member of it, are very addicted to its usage, which is very natural.

Many schools including high schools, colleges, and universities have set their computers to block sites like Myspace so that students cannot access these sites, as it might conflict with the institutions policies.

As we all know that, if there is a way to block it, then there is also a way to unblock it. One thing you can try to unlock Myspace from school is to use an alternative web browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Sometimes the network filtering is set up using what is called group policy settings and these are for internet explorers. This might be the easiest way for you to unlock Myspace and other social networking sites. Just try using another browser for the web and you might have access in a matter of seconds.

You will have to sign up to use these proxies to bypass your school servers. After you have signed up you will be able to go to the proxies’ home page and type in the site you want to access. It will give you access to your site and now you will have unlocked Myspace from school.

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[Alert] Adsense Publishers Must Update/Upload Privacy Policy on All Websites

Posted by 13 April, 2009 (8) Comment

google-adsense-logoWith the new Google Adsense Terms & Conditions, Adsense publishers need to have a privacy policy on all their Adsense sites (every site that has Google Adsense on it). This is not optional and you must update/add privacy policy on your site according to the new terms you agreed upon while signing up with Google Adsense. Please update/add a privacy policy on your website before Google Adsense starts hunting down your website (s).  The last date for updating/adding privacy policy was April 8, 2009 but if you do it now, you can save your account.  Just continue reading of how you can create a Privacy Policy on your website.

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Confiker Worm Attack – Remove the Worm from Your PC

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On 1st April 2009, Confiker Worm hit million of computers and it is expected that the virus may cause slow browsing or limit access to the website that can provide the removal tool for this worm. If you are experiencing a issues mentioned earlier, do run the given below Anti-Virus tool to clean your system. The file size is approx. 615 KB.

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Official News: LINKdotNET Doubles up DSL Speed

Posted by 27 March, 2009 (6) Comment

50861-linkdotnetnewlogoLINKdotNET, a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) Company is one of country leading Internet Service & Solutions Providers. LINK DSL after PTCL Broadband has doubled the speed for its subscribers. Now users can enjoy packages from 1 MPBS to 4 MBPS at very affordable charges. User of Link DSL can enjoy the new packages without any extra cost. That means if the previous package of Mr. ABC was 512 KBPS, now it is converted into 1 MBPS connection at the same charges i.e. 1200/month.

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PTCL Broadband Doubled Up Speed on Pakistan Day [Official Announcement]

Posted by 23 March, 2009 (7) Comment

ptcl broadband doubled up speed

Recently, many of the PTCL Broadband users experienced the increase in their Internet speed but it was not obvious that whether it is a glitch on PTCL Broadband part of they are in fact increasing the Internet speed for all users. But PTCL Broadband has officially announced the new tariff of broadband on Pakistan Day (23rd March).

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History of the Internet

Posted by 19 March, 2009 (2) Comment

History of the History

We are living in a modern era and most of them have seen Internet in a developed shape and I am sure most of us didn’t even bother to know  where this technology started from including me. I am working on a project related to Internet History and learned a lot of things I never thought about.

In our daily lives, we use Internet to get information about almost everything and not only to the social and business elite, but to the entire world. In beginning no one even thought that it would grow that fast as it did in last decades. Internet concept was evolved after the 2nd world war but it took 12 years to generate an idea of having a web or network.

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Find Available 3 Character Domain Names – a nice php Code

Posted by 14 March, 2009 (2) Comment

domain-nameIf you are a domain name fan and always wonder how to find out available 3 character domain names, this script will help you out with your worries. This little nice php script helps you find out all 3 character domain names available on .com, .net,. .org, .biz, .info, .us. Though its really hard to find 3 letters domain name on these extensions but you can still give it a try with some number. Just check out how this script looks active:

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Showing Adsense Earnings as Proof – Could be Fake – Beware

Posted by 2 March, 2009 (4) Comment

You must have  seen a lot of people trying to sell their websites by showing thousand of monthly earning from Google Adsense.  Guys! This could be fake. I recently visited a site which shows how someone can easily make a fake copy of adsense earnings. I am not saying that everyone is a scammer but there are many people who just want to deceive others and you could be one of the victims.

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Yahoo! Begins New Search Advertising System – Rich Ads in Search

Posted by 21 February, 2009 (1) Comment

yahoo-logoYahoo! The most visited website in the world has come up with a new Online Search Advertising system featuring video and images in its paid-for listings. According to the company, the new system increased the clickthrough rate by 25% in its trail launch.

The company expects a growth of 15% in current year. The new service is named as ‘Rick Ads in Search’ was examined by different advertisers namely Pepsi and Sobe (Soft Drinks), Pedigree (Dog Food Brand), and The Home Depot (Retail Chain). New service allows advertisers to use their company logos or a search box which will help consumers to find the nearest outlet by entering the Zip Codes.

A small change has been made in the charges. Instead of paying on auction basis, advertisers will now have to pay a monthly fee. Yahoo! offers this service currently to large advertisers and brands.

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