@Internet Magazine (Pakistan) Launched Official Website ‘on .info extension’

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@internet Website

@Internet is an Internet & technology related magazine in Pakistan which was launched in July 1999. @Internet has been successful because of it’s uniqueness and the respect it gives to it’s readers.

Recently, @Internet launched it’s website which is still in its initial stages. I wish @Internet best of luck but being a loyal customer, I am not pleased with the domain extension. I do understand that its an information related magazine but still it was not supposed to be on .info extension. If @Internet is not satisfied with .com extension then go for .tm (Trade Mark)  extension. I don’t think that a Magazine that goes in almost every corner of the country is ‘price conscious’.

Now coming over to the design of website, the website is designed beautifuly and is cozy. I like the 3D guy playing around but agian, the Character is very much common on internet so @Internet should try some new Character instead. All 3D work is done professionally and awesome speacilly the pictures on home page for E-Guide, Reviews, Opinions, and Regular.

I again wish @Internet best of luck for their future endeavors.

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Store & Share Your Files Online for Free Up to 25 GB with Widows Live SkyDrive

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Windows Live SkyDrive (Microsoft)

From the name ‘Windows Live SkyDrive’ it seems that Microsoft now want people to learn sky diving but its not so. Windows Live SkyDrive is a part of Microsoft Online Services, Windows Live Family. It’s new version is being launched. Last year Microsoft changed the name of Live SkyDrive from Microsoft Live Folder. Through this service, users were provided with online password-protected file storage facility for free. However, it was just 500 MB those days. According to some users, the storage limit is not that enough. Even Gmail had more then 2 Gigabytes space.

It was expected by the users, that SkyDrive will increase the limit to 2 GB at least. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that the limit will be increased to 5 GB. But SkyDrive came up with such thing that users were not hoping because now SkyDrive is providing 25 GB free space for File/Folder storage. You can protect these files from others by using password or can share with others by putting the files in Public Folder.

One of the advantages of this service is that if you have a Hotmail account or any of Windows Live Family account, you don’t even need to sign up for SkyDrive. You can use the same username and password and be a part of this service.

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Start Your Internet Career with Zaheer Khan

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Hi Guys,

I am not a big webmaster, big fish you know but I think I am more then a newbie and can assist new guys who are just entering into the world of Online Money Making and they don’t know the right direction of where to start. I will try to update my blog daily specially this section so, that the noobs can get benefit of it.

Let me tell you one thing, if you are new and you don’t have any skills, don’t get hurt. Making Money Online is easy. I will show you how.

This is not going to be a $7, $10, $15 report :). Yes, it’s free for all. I just want to help my fellows. Keep reading the blog and you will love it. 🙂

Wish you best of luck!

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Virtual Credit Cards for PayPal, eBay, Adwords & Shopping

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You must have heard about Virtual Credit Cards aka VCCs which are usually used for online shopping where customer doesn’t want to use his/her original Credit Card because of less security or for any other reason. But now-a-days people are using virtual credit cards for verificaion purposes. Normally, these are used on PayPal, eBay and Adwords.

I am not going into unnecessary details about legality of these cards but I would say that the VCCs you use for online shopping are legit and issued by different banks. These cards are preloaded with different amounts.

The website which is legit and providing the working Virtual Credit Cards is I have used their cards and always worked perfectly fine.

Please visit their site: for more information.

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Hostgator – Host Unlimited Websites Just for $7.95/Month

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Hostgator is one of the best or I should say best web hosting providers I have ever come across. I have been using it for more then one year now and it’s just awesome. I signed up with them using a promotional code and got addicted of it. I am hosting more then 20 site on my hosting provided by Hostgator. Click on the banner below to see their wonderful services.

Their prices are cheap enough and Customer Support Service is just cool. I never had any problem with them. One thing I should admit that they are doing wonderful job. Sign up with them and see it by yourself :).

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