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[Guest Post] Djuice, Experience the Football Madness – UEFA Championship Final on Big Screen

Posted by 2 June, 2009 Comments Off on [Guest Post] Djuice, Experience the Football Madness – UEFA Championship Final on Big Screen

djuice_logo_red_botDjuice being the best youth brand around has proved its ground once again by providing ultimate entertainment to youth in regards to the football fever. As we all know that djuice sends Pakistani’s to UK to watch live UEFA matches and this time they showed UEFA final match at Cinepax Rawalpindi and Royal Rodale Karachi on big screens. the blzing crowd roared as the Barcelona hit the second goal and won the UEFA championship. Apart from screening the show Djuice also conducted DJuice football contest in which prizes were given to the winners of Djuice best football maneuvers, Djuice sms competition and Djuice service competition.

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Atlas Bank Takes Back Merger Proposition with KASB Bank

Posted by 15 April, 2009 Comments Off on Atlas Bank Takes Back Merger Proposition with KASB Bank

Monday April 13, 2009: There had been news that KASB Bank Limited (KBL) has acquired ATLAS Bank Limited (ATBL) but according to a press release, Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has removed entity ratings of KASB Bank Limited (KBL) while ATBL ratings is still on rating watch. The removal of KBL from entity rating led to a withdrawal of merger proposition from ATBL. Boards of Saudi Pak Commercial Bank (SPCBL) and ATBL are in process of a potential merger between the banks.


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Clocks to be Advanced by an Hour Tonight to Maximize the Use of Daylight

Posted by 14 April, 2009 Comments Off on Clocks to be Advanced by an Hour Tonight to Maximize the Use of Daylight

daylightsavings_2Tonight (April 15, 2009) as the clock strikes 12:00, Country will again adopt Daylight Saving Time (DST) and advance its time by an hour to maximize the use of daylight and conserve energy. Now Pakistan will be six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) instead of the present five hours. According to a private TV channel, this will help in conserving 250-300 megawatts of electricity on average daily.  During Daylight Saving Time (DST), the sun appears to rise one hour later in the morning and sets an hour earlier in the evening.  This is not the first time Pakistan is experimenting DST. Former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharaff tried the same in 2002.

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METRO Cash & Carry Now in Karachi

Posted by 26 March, 2009 (30) Comment

Metro Cash & CarryAfter successful launch in Lahore, Islamabad, and Faisalabad, METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan now opens it wholesale center in Karachi. Currently, with 5 wholesale center in Pakistan (Two in Lahore, One is Islamabad, One in Faisalabad) METRO Cash & Carry is continuing its expansion strategy in Pakistan.

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Threat from Government Official to Remove the Article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen

Posted by 18 February, 2009 (5) Comment

This is unusual! I received an email from a Government Official to remove the article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen on Feb 16 (Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen Using Non-Custom BMW) about the latest corruption case. Below is the screen shot of the email.

Email Screenshot

To the best of my knowledge, I have not written anything that could go against the national interest. I wrote what I saw on Media and they showed both the vehicles parked beside each other (Dunniya Tv) with the similar number plates. I have the right to write anything which in is the real interest on the country and I am not exploiting the democracy in Pakistan yet drive it to the right path.

Disclaimer:I am not sure that the email is from a ‘real government official’ as it is possible that someone used the wrong email address.

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Trial Against Founders of Pirate Bay Begins

Posted by 16 February, 2009 Comments Off on Trial Against Founders of Pirate Bay Begins


Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay is a free file-sharing website with over 25 million members, uses an Internet Protocol ‘Torrent” and provide the TV Shows, Movies, Music. Four men behind the scene are accused by the media firms including Warner Bros, MGM, Sony for copy right theft in the courts there in Sweden. The men will have to confront 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $143,500 if found offenders.

De fence lawyer is trying to convince the courts that the file-sharing service can be using legally and illegally either way, and it is not against the laws of Sweden and the files are not located on Pirate Bay’s own server. The files are hosted on different countries’ servers.  Once before Swedish Polish raided on the Pirate Bays office and shut down the website and frozen their 200 servers in 2006 but they started again.

The Media Firms are looking for 115 million kronor (10.6 million Euros) for the damages they faced because of more than tens of millions of free downloads Pirate Bay offered and according to the owners, they don’t have earn much money that could be paid for damages.


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Facebook Aims Relationship with Nokia

Posted by 15 February, 2009 (1) Comment

Facebook Nokia Tie-Up

A lot of ties-up being happened in recent years. Facebook, a Social Networking Portal is in correspondence with mobile phone manufacture Nokia to set in features of its portal onto the company’s mobile handsets.

According to Wall Street Journal, the companies are thinking about the choice of combining the Nokia users Phonebook with Facebook contact list, so, the users can find out that which one their contact is using Facebook and contact them through the portal.

Nokia is considering the option and thinking about how well this can go on. A spokeswoman for Facebook simply said the company is “dedicated to working with and developing partnerships with mobile operators and device makers all over the world.”

A rumor is also being heard about Facebook that it is in contact with Motorola with the same proposal.


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Nokia Announces 6700 Classic!

Posted by 4 February, 2009 Comments Off on Nokia Announces 6700 Classic!

Nokia has announced it’s new mobile Nokia 6700 Classic a slim and complete mobile. Nokia 6700 Classic leads to an old model Nokia 6300 which, because of it’s style and functionality made record sales in 2006. According to the Senior Vice President Nokia, 6700 classic will be best selling mobile phone in 2009. Functionality, user experience and premium design, and material made the new Classic Phone the most beautiful.

Nokia Classic Sales package

  • Nokia 6700 classic phone
  • Nokia Battery BL-6Q (960 mAh)
  • 1GB SD flash memory card
  • Nokia USB headset (WH-203)
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable (CA-101)
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-8)
  • Nokia Quick start user guide

The Nokia 6700 mobile phone combines a smooth surface, rich materials and precisely crafted parts with a full metal keymat which completes the premium finish. Improving on all areas of its forerunner, the Nokia 6700 classic comes with a 5 megapixel digital camera assisted GPS navigation with Nokia Maps, and high speed data access meaning sharing images or video is faster and easier than ever.

Price & Availibility

It is expected the the new Nokia 6700 Classic will be launched in 2nd quarter of 2009. Estimated price is 235 Euros which is approxmetely equals to 24000 PKR.


More details about specification can be found here:

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Chevrolet Joy – Just for 609,000 PKR

Posted by 27 January, 2009 (2) Comment

While reading the newspaper, I got astonished to see the price of Chevrolet Joy that is 609,000 PKR. We all know the Chevrolet is one of the Comfortable cars. The company claims that Chevrolet Joy provides you:

  • Saftey
  • Comfort
  • Ultimate Design
  • Fringe Benefits.

The company claims that it’s ‘all-in-one’ car which keeps everyone in the family happy. I like the black color. It’s very cozy for me at least :). The price of Chevrolet Joy with CNJ kit is 649,000 PKR.

More details can be found here:

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Hack Series Continues – PID’s Website Got Hacked!

Posted by 22 January, 2009 Comments Off on Hack Series Continues – PID’s Website Got Hacked!

In recent past, we saw some of Pakistan’s Government websites got hacked by Indian Hackers. Though Pakistanis got them back but what is the reason behind this. How many of us secure their files/websites etc.? The answer is “not more then 5%”. This is because of the lack of education. This time Press Information Department (PID) website along with some other sites are being compromised.

Though PID site is back agian but still there is need to have more Internet theft/anti-hacking security. PWDAJK site still has a message from hackers “HackeD By ZombiE_KsA and nEt DeVil”. Government should secure Government website, if they can’t do it for others, at least do it for Pakistan.

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