Convert WAV to MP3

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WAV MP3 converter is an all-in-one converter which converts MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3. It is also tasked with re-sampling WAV files and it supports more than 90 video and audio files and thus keeps ID3 tags when it is in the process of converting. This software is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.

The whole process lies in your hands since you can change encoding methods of the targeted files like bit rate, quality, channels and frequency. This is why using this method, you are able to convert a large file into a smaller one.


This software in the process of converting keeps ID3 tags and it also supports any changes to the volume of the sound.

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Free Database Software

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Many people understand the need to manage their records well and hence, invest some good amount of money to get a good database software for this purpose. The good thing is that you can still keep your records well managed without spending any money on an expensive software by using any of the free database software available. There are several of these free software and if you want to know some of them, you can access these websites where you can also learn what a database is and why you need it. It provides their descriptions and this could help you select a suitable one for you.

Database Software

Those you will find on this website are MySQl, PostgreSQl, BerkeleyDB and Firebird.

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Free Voip Software

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VoIP software has not only improved the way people communicate, especially in the business world, but has also made it possible for them to reduce the amount of money they pay on phone bills every month. There are a number of companies at the moment offering VoIP software and services. It is up to you to select one with the best features. VoIP software can be commercial or free but if you want free VoIP software to boost your business communication, you can check out these websites and choose one.

Voip Software

They have information on some of them including their features hence you won’t miss finding a suitable one. The website has information on Ekiga, Twinkle, WengoPhone, Speak Freely, Gspeakfreely and linphone.

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Install Activex

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There is no need for you to install Active-X if you already have Internet Explorer installed in your computer, all you need to do is to configure it only.  This is because Internet Explorer works as a default install to Active-X. This software works by facilitating the interaction of software components that are available in one network.

Configuration is not a hard task because all you need to do is to Open Internet Explorer and choose the tool menu that is located at the right upper position. Once you are there, click internet options and go to the security settings tab and thus the internet setting will automatically be chosen by default.

install activex

Select security and custom level and check on security buttons and click OK.

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Open Rar Files

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RAR files are useful when you want to compress files because they save on space when you want to store groups of files that have related information. The operating systems that are used in computers do not support the RAR format therefore you have download  software to open Rar file.

The files can be opened on Mac OS and Windows by using several programs. On Windows, the best option is BitZipper 2009 because it can open any encoded or zipped file that you receive. With this program, you can also create some archives in RAR format.

Computer folder from video

On Mac, you can open them using iArchiver which also opens Stuffit files and Zip files. Stuffit can also work well on Mac computers.

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Register DLL

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The Dynamic Link Library is a concept that includes file extensions such as DRV, OCX and DLL. It is developed by the Microsoft Corp and relates to the shared library features of the OS/2 operating systems and Microsoft Windows. Just like the files in the Windows EXE the Dynamic Link Library files contain resources, code and data.

It is essential that you get to learn these unique concepts in order to use them on your computer. You will need to register DLL to use the feature. You can either register by self registration or manual registration.

Register DLL

Self registration is quite easy since it operates automatically. In case you are having problems with the self registration, you can opt to do it manually

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Unix Download

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It is very easy to download Unix on the internet for free unlike other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. Some of the Unix versions you can download include Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, Red Hat and Free BSD.

Before you decide which version to download, you should consider which one will be more suitable for you. Solaris is suitable for businesses and companies because of its self healing capabilities, packages that are open source and it makes tracing very easy.


If you want an operating system that is more general and complete, you should download Fedora Linux. For this version, the software components are available at no charge and you can even be part of the development team.

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Unix Emulator

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A computer operating system UNIX must conform to any operating system that has the supporting standards. The UNIX Emulator have this graphical interface (known as GUI)  which is quite similar to  the common Microsoft Windows which is user friendly and operates very easily. It is important to understand UNIX in order to benefit hugely from it. Operations not covered by a graphical program mean, a lot of knowledge will be required in order to receive functionality.

Unix Emulator

The kernel – hub of the system, the shell which acts as the interface between kernel and the  normal programs are the three components that make up UNIX. There are various types of UNIX and they are: Mac OS X, GNU/LINUX and  Sun Solaris.

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Usb Device Not Recognized

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Problems of computers failing to recognize some USB devices are common and there are many reasons why this may happen. Most of the time, these devices automatically install but when they fail to do so, you cannot access them and this means you have to fix the problem so you can use it. The device may not be recognized because of settings in your computer where you might have disabled the functionality or have loose connections. This website provides information on this and how you can rectify it.

Usb Device

Some of the solutions provided to help the situation include using the Add New Hardware and Device Manager features, turning off power management, updating drivers and installing in standby mode among others.

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What is Change Management

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Change management is an organized method of dealing with reforms, together from the view of an institution and on the individual level. It has three distinct aspects such as accepting the change, managing the change, and implementing the change.

In an organization, change management refers to explaining and effecting procedures or techniques to act with changes in the working environment and to gain from changing chances. The more efficient change is dealt with, the higher the chances that the individual with thrive.

Change Management

Change is defined as an organized approach of maintaining the follow up of the information of the system for instance, the kind of operating system running in each computer and the fixation that has been put. This definition applies only in a computer environment.

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