Clocks to be Advanced by an Hour Tonight to Maximize the Use of Daylight

Posted by 14 April, 2009
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daylightsavings_2Tonight (April 15, 2009) as the clock strikes 12:00, Country will again adopt Daylight Saving Time (DST) and advance its time by an hour to maximize the use of daylight and conserve energy. Now Pakistan will be six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) instead of the present five hours. According to a private TV channel, this will help in conserving 250-300 megawatts of electricity on average daily.  During Daylight Saving Time (DST), the sun appears to rise one hour later in the morning and sets an hour earlier in the evening.  This is not the first time Pakistan is experimenting DST. Former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharaff tried the same in 2002.

But it seems that people of rural and even urban areas are not ready for this change and the confusion again begins. The question leads “What is the time?” leads to the answers like “which time? New or Old?”. One of the reasons of this confusion is that the decision was taken just a couple of weeks ago and people have not set their minds for it.

President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Sultan Chawla, during a TV show on a Private TV Channel said that these kind of changes are done in countries where Sunlight stays not more then Six hours a day but in Pakistan almost all the time, sunlight remains 12 hours. He also said that if according to the Government, they can save 250-300 Megawatts of electricity then its a good step taken but we are not sure about it. The Government did not take us into the confidence while deciding this, he continues.

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