Connect SCSI to USB

Posted by 21 November, 2019
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SCSI to USBSince the introduction of the USB, most people are using it and have forgotten all about SCSI and you may even think it does not work anymore. The good thing is that you can still connect something to your computer using SCSI. This website talks about this and gives steps on how you can connect a SCSI to USB. You will also find information on what you need to make this possible such as an adapter.

There is also advice provided on how you can make your SCSI more useful instead of doing away with it hence if you still have your SCSI, you can check and see how to go about it using a SCSI to USB connector.

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December 5, 2009

when i connect my cam or usb wire my computer appears a messege tat the computer doesnt recognize the usb device
how to resolve this prob

Posted by rina
December 6, 2009

@rina – In almost all cases, this means that you need to install a driver. Check the CD’s that came with your camera, or visit the camera manufacturers web site to download the drivers.

Posted by Zaheer Khan

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