Faisal Qureshi & Aijaz Aslam in Telenor Persona TV Commercial -Is It Working?

Posted by 14 February, 2009
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Recently, Telenor introduced three postpaid Persona Packages and in it’s one of TV commercial we see Faisal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam as Doctor and Businessman. Sounds funny huh!? Both are acting in a comedy show ‘Main Aur Tum’ at ARY Digital and their image is quite different from what Telenor Persona tried to build from their campaign. Telenor would be more successful if they could bring some humorous part in their campaigns and endorse these actors. Don’t know whether this is working or not. The results will come on screen after the ‘ratings’ issued by the agency (Adcom).

Telenor made the same mistake when it started it’s Postpaid Plan (Persona) endorsing ‘Jamal Shah’ who is an artist as Business Executive and the ratings went down. People have different images of artists in their minds and in my opinion Telenor continuously fails to understand this (specially for their postpaid plan).

What you guys think? Do you like both in the professions they are assigned in Personal TV Commercial or not. Write your comments on this.

Disclaimer: Above written article is the Author’s personal opinion and everyone has the right to agree or disagree.

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February 14, 2009

He could be endorsed in something serious in my opinion but Doctor… No way!!!

Posted by Nauman
February 17, 2009

Well if the commerical is executed well, it doesnt matter who plays the part! Just like Shan acting in Mobilinks postpaid ads! Because of those ads I or even the masses have not started associating Mobilink with a punjabi film and a dandasa, have you?

Posted by Amina
February 17, 2009

Well… Shan has a different personality and tell you what, 90%+ his movies are portraying him as a serious man (whether it’s a gandasa movie or a movie like Khuda K lye). Shan changed his image of being a Gujjar and fighting all the time by acting in ‘Khuda K lye’. So, it also helped much Mobilink to get what she wants to convey. One of the reasons is that the co-ambassador in Mobilink Ad Compaigns are usually super models like Vaneeza Ahmed who helps to lift the ad to a certain level.

I agree about the execution of advertisement but celebrity perception and brand positioning should be kept in mind during the endorsement process.

Posted by Mansoor
February 17, 2009

You are negating yourself! Shan still does gandasa movies, just like Aijaz does Arahman Araheem! Or Faisal doing a serious role in one of his dramas! These are actors, and thats what they are doing in these ads! Though I admit Pakistanis are very influenced by who advocates the product but in the end if you dont have quality, youre going to lose out on market share! Need I say who is losing market share at the moment?

Posted by Amina
February 17, 2009

Well… I am not negating myself. The rating of Shan is high issued by the Advertising Agency (Orient McCann) and he is a matured guy (well… don’t mix this with Punjabi movies). On the other hand Faisal Qureshi in my honest opinion is perceived as comedy actor and a guy who doesn’t care about serious things, most of the times.

Just think of a while and imagine Faisal Qureshi as Doctor, how does that sound? He never worked as doctor (i think) in any drama. So, there is no reason connecting him with a profession he does not know.

Posted by Mansoor

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