Posted by 17 February, 2008
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Gillette (safety razors, blades, and toiletries by Gillette Industries) The name comes from the company’s first president, King Camp Gillette, who traced his name back to the Gillet family of Somerset, England. Gillette patented the first disposable razorblades in 1902, having the previous year founded his company for the manufacture of razors and blades, initially as the American Safety Razor Co. Gillette as a name has a favourable French appearance (although a bogus one) for products in the sophisticated toiletries market. Gillette’s original blade had been perfected by William E. Nickerson, who designed equipment for the company. It was fortunate that he had not been the actual inventor, since ‘Nickerson’ would hardly make a suitable name for a company selling razors and blades.

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