How to Setup Proxy Server

Posted by 3 September, 2009
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A proxy server receives requests that are intended for another one when the server and client are incompatible making direct connection impossible. This may happen if the client is not able to meet the requirements needed for security authentication.

To setup a proxy server, you have to have a web browser that will support the automatic configuration of the proxy using a script. An email account on Sparta, cs, Owlnet, IS, math, stat, ECE, CAAM, or MEM will be necessary to set up the proxy server.

Proxy Server

If you are using windows, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.x are compatible and if you are using Macintosh, Safari, Mozilla, Netscape 6.x and other MacOs browsers are compatible. For Unix Netscape 4.51 and Mozilla are compatible.

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