Lays Chips HARAAM: Propaganda or Truth?

Posted by 19 May, 2009
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Lays Masala PackagingSome days back I received on SMS and an Email saying that, Lays Chips (Masala Flavor) is HARAAM. On the back of the Lays chips “E631 Fat” is printed which means the oil of pig meat. And it further says that for clarification write this name on Google search and you will find the results. When I searched on Google what I found is that it is a Guinea pig fat that is being used for cooking purpose.  But again there is difference of opinion. Some people say that it’s not an authentic information that E631 is really the pig fat.

Few days after this SMS and Emails I was going through the newspaper and I saw an advertisement by the Pepsi Cola Company related to Lays chips. In the advertisement it was mentioned that all the flavors of Lays are cooked in 100% vegetable oil and every ingredient is HALAL without any doubt. I must say that the concerned authority response was very quick and on time before this message have destroyed their image and cause a decline in market share. Following is the image came with the email showing Lays Package back with E631 code printed clearly.

lays Back

To check, I bought a LAYS Masala pack and checked myself that there is no “E631” code there. E627 was right there but was unable to find “E631” anywhere on the pack. May be the above image is photoshopped/edited or of something else. But we can not say that all products with this code are HARAAM. Reserach shows that E631 can be generated from fish, brewer yeast extract, and from pig meat.

I will call this propaganda and there is no truth in it, at least I couldn’t find.

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June 29, 2009

if u r muslims plz lays chips did not eat becoz this is completely haram

Posted by umair
July 2, 2009

The South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) is an internationally recognised organisation, and an acknowledged authority on all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halaal with specific reference to Islamic dietary laws.

SANHA has been established as a representative authority, which promotes professionalism and excelled in developing systems for the certification of Halaal food and other related products. SANHA is committed to standardizing Halaal procedures internationally thereby rendering a tangible and credible service to both the consumer and the industry. Indeed, this strategy does not only prove beneficial for the Muslim consumer but is also a means of promoting trade.

SANHA is among the founding members represented on the World Halaal Council and enjoys global recognition from both Muslim and Western Countries.

SANHA has over the past several years rendered assistance to the Halaal industry in Pakistan and hass issued Halaal certification to several Pakistani companies: some of whom are listed below:
Dawn Bakeries
Youngs Foods (Pvt) Ltd
Shangrila (Pvt) Ltd
Snack City
Leiner Pak
Haleeb Foods Ltd
Freshmate Ready Meals

The hoax chain email of some unknown, mysterious Dr Amjad Khan regarding E-numbers which has been doing the rounds for several years is grossly inaccurate and very misleading with mischievous intent. All efforts by our organization to trace this person, if he indeed exists, has not yielded any results. 1 of 2

Halaal certification authorities, food technologists and industry professionals who are au fait with E-additives and food ingredients will bear testimony to the fallacies and baseless claims of the said email.

Recently, Lays Pakistan has regrettably been bearing the brunt of Dr Amjad’s mail and consumers have been misled into believing that E-631, is a derivative of PIG.

SANHA, an International Halaal certification authority has investigated the ingredients used by LAYS Pakistan and can confirm that their ingredients are Halaal compliant. Infact the E-631 used by LAYS Pakistan is derived from TAPIOCA STARCH, a plant based raw material which has been certified Halaal.

Consumers are advised to be wary of such malicious emails and urged not to circulate any such mail until the information has been verified and confirmed by a reputable expert authority.

For all Halaal related queries, you may contact the Halaal Helpline on

Remember the Islamic Rule, “Verify Before You Amplify”!

For South African National Halaal Authority

M.S. Navlakhi (Moulana) M.Y. Seedat (Mufti)
Theological Director Theological Representative


Posted by jawad
July 3, 2009

i just want to say that .
.i read an artical in “daily ummat” about the matter of haram n halal
mere pass comelete report hai from 22 may to 29 may
u can send me ur e-mail add on my id

Posted by talhah
July 4, 2009

one more thing
company which provide flavours to papsi cola entiteled “anjeenomoto”(japan)
is black listed in indonesia in case of haram production (muslims banned it)

Posted by talhah
July 4, 2009

Peple dont get into the Ifs and Buts… Lays IS very much Haram and E631 is a Damn stuff…. Go to the Daily Ummat Archive from 22nd to 29th June…. they did burst the Lays!

Posted by Muneeb
July 7, 2009

hyyyy, what is the autheticity of Ummet? if such news is true then why other media didnt highlyght it. please open your eyes

Posted by hina Khan
July 8, 2009

@talhah – please send me the whole report

Posted by abdul moiz bilwani
Posted by abdul moiz bilwani
July 10, 2009

@Zara Khan – Dear All i would like to tell you that Lays is haraam. They Got fatwa from Jamia Ashrafia by not giving them full information. Jamia Asrafai has delared that they have not given any fatwa to prove that lays is Halal. it contains Pig fat. for further information plz read u will Come to Know. May Allah guide us on right Path

Posted by faizan
July 11, 2009

U all right that Lays chips is haram. u people true Pakistani not Muslims.

Posted by Huma Khan
July 11, 2009

without any investigation.

Posted by Huma Khan
July 11, 2009

Well, I would not want to say anything, but from my aspect it’s HARAM for Muslims….

Don’t Go with Junaid Jamshaid…

Posted by Irfan Ansari
July 23, 2009

agr urdu may kuch likh dain ap sab tu koi harj nai hai mary khal may…….

Posted by sana
July 24, 2009

its a truth.Lots of Big Store have these type of lays

Posted by Amir
July 28, 2009

Dear Bro!!!

If u call this a propaganda, then take a look at the report below and find the truth about the whole story!!!

Posted by Nadish Hussain
August 15, 2009

Hello, You guys might be interested in reading what Junaid Jamshed did:

Posted by Rehan
September 8, 2009

I know lays masala flavour is haraam and other flavour is not haraam

Posted by sameer khan
September 12, 2009

@Ihsan – well said…
i apreciate ur thoughts about the muslims that they start act after hearing some propaganda or fals beliefs.At least in case of sms.s they spread it vry rapidly without any evidence.they dont searc 4 right things.ur concept about pakistan economy is good.v should think about our econmy before spreading such propaganda.How false statement of ones can spoiled 1ooo of lives…….

Posted by hafeez
September 15, 2009

Dear brother today i have seen yours information about lays chips

Posted by Aurangzeb

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