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Posted by 26 September, 2011
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A slow system is a common complaint for many PC users. Often a user notices that their system performance slows down with time, something that can well be avoided. There are several no cost things a user can do to boost system performance and speed up their desktop or laptop PC. These are just three things that can be done to make almost any PC faster.

1. Free up disk space

The more a computer is used, the more it becomes cluttered. After months and years of use, there usually are many things that are taking up unnecessary memory on a PC, and this quite often slows a system down.

To free up this disk space, a user should do things like uninstall unused programs, empty the Recycle Bin, and delete temporary files. These things should be done regularly to keep a system running quickly and efficiently. Windows users can do these things manually, or they can engage Window’s Disk Cleanup tool to do it for them.

2. Reduce the number of programs that run on start up

There are certain programs that a user wants or needs to run on start up, and there are others that are completely unnecessary. Many of these programs are not used in every session and can be opened when needed. Once they are deleted, the system will boot more quickly.

The system can be instructed to not open these programs at start up from the program options. Also, icons for most of these programs can be found on the taskbar. A right click on one of these should allow a user to set the preferences to the program no longer runs on start up.

3. Keep your operating system upgraded

Windows releases updates to their programs, including operating systems, all the time. There are many reasons for updates, but one of the reasons for them is to keep user’s systems running efficiently and quickly. If these updates are not installed, a user is more likely more open to external threats, and they are more likely to experience conflicts and bugs when the OS interacts with other software.


Often, a slow PC can be a quick fix. There are a lot of things a user can try to get a system back up to speed, and these are only three possible solutions. There are many other causes and remedies for slow systems. Usually there are multiple items responsible for a noticeable system slowdown, so multiple methods need to be undertaken to speed the system up, including those not mentioned here.

To find out more hints on how to make your PC faster, you can simply do a people search and lookup for PC freaks in your area. Learning straight from them is better than spending your time browsing online. It will also save you money and effort to go to computer shops to have it fixed or upgraded.

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