Mobile Subscribers Increased by 1.547 Million in February 2009

Posted by 12 March, 2009
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PTA has issued new number of mobile phone subscribers in February 2009 which after the decline in two months (November & December 2008) going upward with a change of 0.38%. The overall subscribers has increased by 1.547 Million as compared to last year 1.541 million growth in February.

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the total number of mobile subscribers is Pakistan has crossed 90 Million during the last 2 months. Industry analysts are of opinion that cellular companies has gained this growth by reducing the rates to appeal customers. Customers are offered new value added services like damaged or lost SIM free activation, guidance for registeration of SIM etc. The companies have mainly invested in rural areas and a massive growth is seen in rural areas.

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