Mobilink & Box Office to Launch ‘Watchmen’ in Pakistan

Posted by 8 March, 2009
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Recently, Mobilink lost millions of its customers because of poor service quality and keeping illegal SIMs. Mobilink is again launching an expected 2009 blockbuster ‘Watchmen’ in Pakistani Cinemas to cope up with the crises.

According to Vice President, Marketing, Mobilink Bilal Munir Sheikh, there are more than 10 blockbusters Mobilink has launched win alliance with Box Office and the impact of this strategy on Pakistani Cinema is significant and positive.

watchmen mobilink box office

But Mr Bilal Munir, you should always keep in mind the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) of Marketing before you claim such things. Your promotion strategies might be good but your product is weak and needs improvement. Spend some money on it and then go for events like this.

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