My Experience with PTCL Wireless Broadband ‘On the Go’

Posted by 28 December, 2019
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bb_onthego_logoPTCL Wireless Broadband ‘On the Go’ launched a while ago. I waited for their device that can be connected via the USB Adapters but I could not wait much. Yesterday I went to their office an bought the device that is connected via the PCMCIA adapter. The device manufacturer is Huawei and the Model of the device is EC360-EV-DO. I had to buy a PCMCIA Adapter first to be able to connect the Device with. I will mention the prices at the end the article.

Lets start with the experience. As mentioned on PTCL Website the downloading and uploading speed would be 300-700 KBPS and 200-400 KBPS respectively but…what I experienced was a little shocking. The downloading speed won’t cross 200 KBPS and Uploading speed 50 KBPS. I don’t say that this is the actual speed because I am using the device in my room and weather has been cloudy for couple of days now in Islamabad so, that could be the reason. The speed may increase if I use it on my laptop in open environment but that is not possible. The PCMCIA adapter is not available on my laptop and it is not available in most of the new laptops. So, if you are buying a laptop to use the current device, make sure it has a PCMCIA slot.

The device comes with a Manual, Driver CD ROM, and a headset…You must be thinking why a headset. I thought the same and called up customer support center. She told me that a number is provided with your device which you can use but the Voice Port is not open yet. According to her, it will be open very soon. There is a slot for the headset pin on the device. That’s good, now you can have a PTCL number with you if you have this device. I also asked her about the device for USB Adapter and she told me that it is expected later this month.


Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Co., LTD

Model: EC360-EV-DO.

Price & Charges

PCMCIA Adapter: 2300 PKR

Broadband ‘On the Go’ Device: 4000 PKR

Per month Charges: 2000 PKR

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April 10, 2009

How about the speed now? Is it any good? How much maximum downloading speed you recorded.

Posted by ILovePakistan
April 10, 2009

The weather is good now but I am still not crossing 180 KBPS.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
April 12, 2009

hello dear ! i m in wazirabad and i want to use PTCL BROADBAND ON THE GO. but the pro. is that my laptop don’t have PCMCIA slot so kindly tell me what i have to do now ??? can EXTERNAL PCMCIA slot is available in market ??? what is it’s price ??broadband on the go service is available in wazirabad ???

Posted by muzammil
April 12, 2009

According to PTCL website and Customer Service Representative, currently, EVDO service is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Mirpur. If Wazirabad has 1900MHz network than you can use On the Go on dial up speed (153Kbps). I guess, you should wait.

If your Laptop doesn’t have a PCMCIA slot, than I am afraid you will have to wait for couple of months more for USB device which according to the Help Center, will be available by the end of this month. Hope that helps.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
May 5, 2009

I am from Tehsil Jand District Attock, i m having slow dialup browsing, so i can not use YOUTUBE. Would you like to suggest me whether i buy PTCL BROADBAND ONTHEGO or not.. How much actual DATA TRANSFER RATE (KBPS) it provides? What is the normal average DOWNLOADING + BROWSING speed? And here in Jand, there is no FIBER OPTICS, no DSL… But the PTCL V WIRELESS networjk is avalable… I DONT have LAPTOP but a DESKTOP.. HOW MUCH KBPS CAN I HAVE HERE? THANKS.

Posted by Zafran Jahangir
May 5, 2009

Zafran, PTCL EVDO is available in just four cities namely KHI, LHR, ISB or RWP. I will not suggest you to go for PTCL On the Go now as your device will connect at 153KBPS (Dialup) which off course you dont want after spending Rs. 2000/- per month.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
May 9, 2009

Respected sir regards

i am using internet broadband in my home in ATTOCK city.I need to go to PINDI AND LAHORE often ,can i use PTCL wireless broadband in both cities with one purchase, will it work in attock where both broadband(wire) and Vptcl are working well.

Posted by umar amin
May 9, 2009

Yes, you can. You don’t need to buy seperate devices for each city. Currently, the Wireless Service (EVDO) is available in KHI, LHR, RWP, and ISB. So, I am pretty sure, you can enjoy PTCL Wireless Broadband ‘On the Go’ in both cities.

As I mentioned, the wireless service is currently available in four cities, so, you might not be able to enjoy the broadband speed but dial up speed (Will connect at 156 KBPS)with this device.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
May 13, 2009

can i use it in LAN

Posted by Qaisar Iqbal
May 13, 2009

Originally Posted By Qaisar Iqbalcan i use it in LAN

Yes, you can use it for LAN Networking but you still need to have a PCMCIA slot on your server.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
June 20, 2009

is there a way to convert evo from usb or pcmcia to wifi. it is buildin in my laptop. any hack!

Posted by farhan
July 8, 2010

can pcmcia connect card be used with a usb extension ?

Posted by rehan

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