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Posted by 21 April, 2009
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Ufone offers 1 Number Free package and claims that it will allow its subscribers to call on one Ufone number for FREE. Well…I don’t agree and most of you will not as well. User has to pay Rs. 19.99/- (exclusive taxes) per day to activate this package. I am not sure why they are advertising that it is free as they are charging certain amount for this package everyday.


Ufone LogoAnother try to deceive the innocent customers? Or may be they come up with the argument that these charges are actually the package activation charges but what kind of package is that…daily Rs. 29.99/- + taxes uhh!!!. Though it is good package for those who have someone they call all day but still we can not call is FREE at all.

Package Details

Activation: to activate the package, dial 160 and follow the instructions.

Charges: Rs. 36.29 (inclusive taxes)

Terms & Conditions:

  • The package does not support Voice Bucket
  • Prepaid subscribers will have to opt-in to this package to enjoy the offer.
  • Rs. 10/- will be charged if you want to change the preferred number.
  • 21% FED applies on the package regular charges i.e. Rs. 29.99/-

For more details please visit:

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April 22, 2009

how to de activate this package?

Posted by Saad
April 22, 2009

As I mentioned in my post, to activate, you need to dial 160 and follow the instructions. Please remember that you must have at least Rs. 25/- to activate the package.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
April 23, 2009

saad samaj nahi ati bhai

April 30, 2009

how to deactivate this pakage?

Posted by sabita
April 30, 2009

After 24 hours, the package is deactivated automatically.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
August 17, 2009

i think its a new way 2 get extra money from us.bloody Ufone

Posted by taimur
September 13, 2009

Sorry Zaheer we r asking abt deactivation not abt activation.. and it cant deactivate after 24 hour..

Posted by Saad
October 30, 2009

guys just wanted to ask which networks currently offer one number free package and which is the best ?? thanks

Posted by Saqib

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