Paying Attention to PostPaid Users – Telenor Launches New Postpaid Packages

Posted by 9 February, 2009
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Its been a long time I have not seen any package from cellular companies for their postpaid customers specially Telenor. But it seems that Telenor is now giving attention to it’s postpaid customers as well and announced three new packages.

The packages are easy and understandable. One thing I want to mention here that Telenor get itself out of price war this time by offering different services for that price rather then lowering it.

Persona in my honest opinion failed to position itself as a postpaid brand because of it’s wrong positioning strategies in the start but its never too late. Hope to see some improvements (other then price reduction strategy).


Telenor Persona Packages

21% CED tax applies on all Tariffs
10% withholding tax at bill applies

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February 9, 2009

Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

Posted by Mike Harmon
February 9, 2009

Thank you Mike. Please subscribe to the feeds so that you can receive latest posts in your inbox.

Thank you again for being here and commenting.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
March 8, 2009

can u please tell, if i dont make any calls or sms and use unlimited GPRS only on “EASY” package of telenor persona.. how much will it cost me at the end of month including 10 % withholding tax and 21% ced tax.???. tell the amount please..

Posted by nauman
March 8, 2009

I think you will have to pay the normal charges of GPRS other then monthly line rent.

Posted by Furqan Sattar
March 8, 2009

I would agree with Furqan on this.
You can always call Telenor Help Center to get accurate details.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
March 8, 2009

i did called and they told me its 500/- for unlimited gprs..
500(gprs charges)+100 line rent… its 600 in total a month..
NOW, my qustion is… what will be the exact AMOUNT after adding 21% ced tax and 10% withholding tax ?
i’m a student and my budget is really tight… so, it would e so nice of u, if u guyz could take out ur calculator and tell me the exact amount after calculating….
i’m not used to of these Mathematics..
Please help..
I’ll really appreciate it…

Posted by nauman
March 8, 2009

If line rent and GPRS charges are without GST and Withholding Tax, then you will be paying Approx. Rs. 786/- per month.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
August 17, 2009

Telenor was good…but not anymore…They are not improving the service Facility & service for the users one thing they did is the most stupid thing…

i have called several time 345 telenor call center and Requested them to plz turn SMS delivery On…but the say ap ki bat ko suna ja rha hai (i know sirf suna jae ga but will never work on it, they will Never turn it ON again)…

They can make it optional service for Users such as Call Conferencing & Balance Transfer which we have to Call & tell them to Active on Our Number…
Telenor can do this also with SMS Delivery Reporting…

After calling them for last 3-4 months again & again…i got Fed up & Switched to Better Package Warid GLOW…
it does has SMS Delivery Report for people who love to SMS & make calls to friends…good for long calls also Great Package by Warid GLOW !!!…

Posted by Alee

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