Problem with Ufone SMS Packages Activation

Posted by 19 March, 2009
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Ufone LogoUfone is no more offering the message confirmation feature which in fact, is not appreciated by SMS lovers and even most of the mobile users. Ufone recently offered some attractive SMS bundle packages at very low price but now the network remains busy all the time. The purpose of taking back SMS confirmation feature was to control the load on server but they CLEARLY FAILED to do so.  Following are some common issues with Ufone SMS packages:

  1. There is no delivery confirmation message, so, I am not sure whether my message is received or not.
  2. Ufone claims that the SMS Bundle Packages are activated within 1 hours of receiving the request, but often it takes more then 24 hours.
  3. There is no purpose of subscribing to the Daily SMS Package if its not activated instantly…

I don’t know where this industry is going but this price war among the cellular companies will lead to some serios trouble (Allah Forbid).

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March 21, 2009

this cant be applied to all the networks.. i find telenor’s service really good in this regard, their talkshawk sms full time firstly hav 3 amazing sms offers 20 paisa per sms…the service is great…you can log on to

Posted by Sameer
March 21, 2009

ufone is totally useless…Telenor after their persona addons have become better but with reference to sms pavcakges Jazz bundles rock….n service n networkkk all awseome

Posted by rehan
March 21, 2009

Telenor Talkshawk full time sms has 3 amazing sms offers…as low as 20 paisa per sms ..Telenors network has improved tremendouslyy and they have plan for everyone…i was really impressed with the persona addons…very convenient…..

Posted by Saad
March 21, 2009

what about the unused free sms once we subscribe the fee is deducted from our account and we get free sms…..but what do we do abt the unused sms…

Posted by raheel
March 21, 2009

the best packages are offered by Jazz sms bundles 3 bundless extremely affordable
daily weekly and for 15 days i think so far Mobilink has come up wid the best packages…

Posted by hashim
March 21, 2009

hi raheel if yousubscribes before expiry date, unused Free SMS will be added to the new Free SMS and validity will be set for 15 days.

Posted by saad
March 22, 2009

All unused SMS will be expired after the period is over. You can’t use those SMS BUT you can send as many as you want within the specific time either 24 hours or 1 month. Hope that helps.

Posted by Umer
April 7, 2009

Dear friends, Aslaamo AlyKum. Mujhay PaKistan K tumaam networKs mein say sirf or sirf Ufone pasand hai. Aap mein say Kon Kon Ufone Ka saath daina chahtay hain. ShuKria. Ufone, tum hi to ho. my email is

Posted by Sara
April 7, 2009

Ufone ka sath? What you do mean by that? I am a loyal Ufone Customer but there are now doing things, I do not really like. So, I am not going with them at the moment. Like the thread if you read, and the deactivation of Message Delivery Confirmation and what not…

Posted by Zaheer Khan
April 23, 2009

Dear friends, Aslaamo AlyKum. Mujhay PaKistan K tumaam networKs mein say sirf or sirf Ufone pasand hai. Aap mein say Kon Kon Ufone Ka saath daina chahtay hain. ShuKria.ap ka dost Mahmood mansehra dub 1.

Posted by Mahmood ul hassan
June 14, 2009

plz ap ufone wale apne network ka khayal raki aj kal boht bakwas hogaya hai ok 10x

Posted by humayun afzali
June 14, 2009

ur u ufone net work is too bad now adays ok

Posted by humayun afzali
June 18, 2009

u have anu free sms packeg like d juice thanks

Posted by Bilal akbar
August 5, 2009

really bilkul bakwas hogaya hy ufone and tax b ziada kardia hy..calling services vry bad ..signals zero hain..

Posted by abbasi
October 16, 2009

The biggest problem with ufone is late confirmation of sms packages.
Eerything else is perfatly alright.

Posted by Aunas manzoor

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