PTCL Broadband Doubled Up Speed on Pakistan Day [Official Announcement]

Posted by 23 March, 2009
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ptcl broadband doubled up speed

Recently, many of the PTCL Broadband users experienced the increase in their Internet speed but it was not obvious that whether it is a glitch on PTCL Broadband part of they are in fact increasing the Internet speed for all users. But PTCL Broadband has officially announced the new tariff of broadband on Pakistan Day (23rd March).

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All the existing packages of subscribers are being doubled up and new customers are no more offered 512 KBPS connection, rather they can get the 1 MBPS connection for the same charges. Find below the new packages details:

ptcl broadband tariffMore Details can be found here:

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March 23, 2009

Its really a great gift for broadband users on Pakistan Day. Now, I am heading towards 4 MBPS connection 😉

Posted by Umer Kayani
March 26, 2009

Great news. I was wondering why my internet speed has increased. I thought its an issue on PTCL part.

Posted by Faiza
March 29, 2009

I have 512 kbps connection nd ma download rate is 120kbps …. wen i open ma router configuration …. it shows 1024kbps speed but in connections it is written PTCL-512kbps connection ! dat meanz pakages r da same but da speed is doubled

Posted by Talha
March 29, 2009

All the connections of PTCL have been doubled up. So, you have a connection of 1MBPS, it doesn’t matter what is written in the Connections.

Posted by Umer Kayani
April 22, 2009

Ptcl service is great…….

Posted by aitzaz
May 2, 2009

Yes, the speed is fast when it running. But the link is down most often. Whom to complain I do not know.

Posted by Abu Turab Alam
July 27, 2009

dear my ptcl dsl 1mb has download speed of only 25 kb to 30 kb from three days. i dont knw wat to do.

Posted by zeeshan

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