PTCL Broadband Doubles Up Speed?

Posted by 7 March, 2009
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There has been stories about PTCL Broadband increasing the Internet speed 100% of what the subscribers are using at the moment. This means that if a customer of PTCL Broadband is using a connection of 512 KBPS, the speed/package will be doubled up and the connection would be 1 MBPS.

Today, I asked this to a friend of mine who is user of PTCL Braodband, and he told me that the speed has increased but when he called the help center and asked about it, they told him that there is no news about it yet and is not official. Some other users of PTCL Broadband told me that they are using the internet on the same speed as it was but others told, that the speed is increased. I think that they are in process of doing this and do not want to officially announce it until every subscriber’s speed is doubled up.

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March 7, 2009

I have a connection of 512 KBPS and from yesterday I am receivign approx avg 120 KBPS downloading speed instead of Avg. 64 KBPS.

I dont know about the package whether it is upgraded or not, but my internet speed has increased and that’s a good news for me 🙂

Posted by Furqan Sattar
March 8, 2009

yes its true ptcl has increased the speed, from last couple of days My downloading speed increased approximately to 120 kb/s from 54 kb/s.

ptcl rules

keep up the good work ptcl =D

Posted by zohaib
March 8, 2009

I think so he is right as its not yet announced officially and it would be great if ptcl announce such an offer as their connection is still good and it will be best after that.

Posted by phyza
March 8, 2009

yes ptcl is doubling download speed but first they will upgrade all 512kbps connections and then there will be a turn of 1mbps connections

Posted by omer
March 11, 2009

i have ptcl connection 512 kbps i need some advices for a 512 kbps internet connection. I want to share this connection with 7 persons. I mean we will put a switch to share this connection What is the difference between one user which uses a 512 kbps internet connection and 7 users using the same connection?

Posted by adnan
March 11, 2009

Yeah, my downloading speed is also doubled up.

Posted by Umer Kayani
March 11, 2009

@ Adnan:

The speed will be shared to all the people connected. That means if the downloading speed of 512 KBPS is 60 KBPS, and every person starts downloading simultaneously, everyone would be getting approximately 8 KBPS.

The drawback of such sharing is that if someone on your network starts downloading or browsing some heavy website, it will affect all other users.

Hope that helps. Thank you

Posted by Kamran
March 18, 2009

I had ptcl 512kb connection but one week ago it was converted into 1mb, in the same time in my office, there was 1mb ptcl but today ive got 2mb.. lol

Posted by Abdur Raqeeb khan
March 19, 2009

I have connection of 1mb and lately my download has increased from 120kbps to 200kbps

Posted by SS
March 23, 2009

yess….. my connection’s speed has also increased and as it is about announcing they say that this is a gift to all customers by ptcl on pakistan’s day and that they announced the “GOOD” news on the 23rd march

Posted by mustafa
March 24, 2009

I have 512 kbps but my download speed is above than 400kbps every time,infact it is mistakenly a connection of 2mbps .my speed was not doubled

Posted by Umair
April 2, 2009


i have connection of 1 mb and i m sharing it with 2 friends can u plz tell me that is there any problem if i share it.mean ptcl will take any action if i share or is it allowed to share
Best Regards:

Posted by Ali
April 14, 2009

ive got a 512kbps connection, but my speed is not increased

Posted by adeel
April 14, 2009

can anyone help?

Posted by adeel
April 14, 2009

They might be in process of upgrading your connection speed. You can call 1218 to file a complaint and know the status of your broadband connection.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
April 23, 2009

Adeel: call the helpline.

Ali: No, you can share it with as many people you want.

Posted by web hosting
April 25, 2009

PTCL have very very lessy Customer service, or can say have no customer service. if u required to complain about brodband then u are a big fool that u r trying to contect ptcl help.

in my view ptcl DSL is not good package for use…

Posted by Adnan
April 27, 2009

I have 512kbps ptcl which has been upgraded after forcing staff too much. speed can be good, but ptcl exchange staff is really very bad.

They r not corppuating with me since april 7th and never call me regarding my complains or sometimes they close my complain without my will.

PTCL connection is good if it works but staff is really very bad ( not 1218 staff, exchange staff) 1218 junior staff is also not well trained.

Posted by jAlpari
April 27, 2009

I agree with you but if you see the services they are offering, I will be willing to give them some time to improve their Customer Services.

May I ask, why you call exchange for Broadband complaints? Call 1218 and give them some time to fix the issue or visit their Sales and Service Center.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
June 20, 2009

ive got a 512kbps connection, but my speed is not increased

Posted by Salman
July 29, 2009

Is anyone familiar with the problem which deprives the ptcl broadband users of any kind of internet activity? the problem occurs on daily basis and hinders the internet capabilities… is there a solution out there for it???? any body? some body? plz help T_T

Posted by Haider Abbas
January 26, 2010

ptcl is ok but ptcl custumer service is a big darama for broadband users

Posted by shahid ali

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