PTCL Wireless Broadband ‘On the Go’ Launched

Posted by 26 December, 2019
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After a great success of PTCL wire broadband services, PTCL now presents PTCL Wireless Broadband through PTCL WLL Netword based on world’s proven CDMA 2000 technolgoy surpassing the speeds offered by GPRS and EDGE technologies. You can now access internet anywhere. PTCL EvDO (Evolution Data Optimized) offers Wireless broadband (3G) internet access through PCMCIA adapters directly to the laptop (soon to be available through USB adapters – plug and play for desktop systems as well as laptops).


Experience the 3G sensation with speed up to 3000Kbps with PTCL wireless broadband on the go – You are your own hotspot!

Currently, the service is offered in 4 major cities of Pakistan Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi but will soon be available in other cities.


  • Speed upto 3000Kbps, superior to GPRS (Peak148Kbps) and EDGE (Peak 384Kbps)
  • Download heavy files / email attachments
  • Real time applications (online gaming, video conferencing, etc)
  • Unlimited downloads (data, songs, videos, etc)


They are currently offering two types of packages, one for customers having Landline and others who don’t have. There is no much difference between the two packages except the billing method. Following is the detail:

Package 1 (For PTCL Landline Subscribers)

  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Device/CPE Charges: 4000 PKR Upfront (or you can get it on monthly installments of 500 PKR)
  • Monthly Charges: 2000 PKR
  • Average Downloading Speed: Varies from 300Kbps to 700Kbps (Depending on the physical situation)
  • Average Uploading Speed: Varies from 200Kbps to 400Kbps (Depending on the physical situation)
  • Billing Method: Your Internet bill will be mentioned on your telephone’s bill.

Package 2 (For Those Without PTCL Landline)

  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Device Charges: 4000 PKR Upfront (installment facility is not available)
  • Monthly Charges: 2000 PKR
  • Average Downloading Speed: Varies from 300Kbps to 700Kbps (Depending on the physical situation)
  • Average Uploading Speed: Varies from 200Kbps to 400Kbps (Depending on the physical situation)
  • Billing Method: Separate bill be sent.

More details can be found here:

Hope this helps. Thank you

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January 23, 2009

I will be in Pakistan between 5th Feb and 5th March. Is it possible to have mobile (wirless) broadband for one month in Gujar Khan city, Distt Rawalpind??

Posted by Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti
January 23, 2009

Well… If you are talking about PTCL Wireless Broadband then I am afraid you will have to pay the whole amount of device which is 4000 PKR and 1 month charges (2000 PKR).

Posted by Zaheer Khan
January 29, 2009

Today, I visited One Stop Shop situated at Stadium Road, Rawalpindi to get the device installed on my Laptop but unfortunately, they didn’t have that. I was told on phone by PTCL guys, that On the Go device is available on all OSS and sales centers in Rawalpindi & Islamabad, but that’s not true.

PTCL Stadium Road branch guy told me to a week at least or else I can get that from Blue Area OSS. Well… I am planning to get it done as soon as possible so, possibly be visiting Blue Area in a day or two.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
February 3, 2009

Finally, I visited Blue Area Branch. I asked for the device and it was provided. Thank God, I took my laptop HP Pavilion dv2700 CTO Notebook PC and said to the guy to install it on my lappy. Well… he checked the laptop and said PCMCIA adapters is not there on my laptop :O and its either not available on new laptops. I was shocked and asked him then why on earth PTCL made these devices when new users can’t use it… Well he had no justification for this.

I will have to wait for couple of more months for the USB device :s

Posted by Zaheer Khan
February 10, 2009

I have wireless connection of ptcl.But from mid Jan ptcl wireless internet faciltiy is very terrible in wah cantt.Wat is going on with internet facility!I have complained so many times but still no positive results.My wireless no is.0514-328645

Posted by zafar iqbal
February 10, 2009

Can i get ptcl broadband facility on my wireless phone connection!I am living in Wah Cantt.

Zafar Iqbal

Posted by zafar iqbal
February 10, 2009

What say about Wah Cantt, Vfone connectivity & signals are not good even in satellite town, Rawalpindi. Well… you should try to shift your phone somewhere open place or put it new window.

No, you can not get broadband connection non your vfone. You should have a landline number to avail broadband facility.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
February 11, 2009

This is not available in my city and I am still a customer of Link dot Net. PTCL people told me my house was too far away from exchange or some odd stuff…well, whatever. I’m happy with what I have and LDN has also started a gaming zone with CounterStrike and such so at least it is fun…

Posted by Khalid
February 12, 2009

LinkDotNet recently came up with most economical package (1MBPS for just Rs. 1200/-). And their service is awesome. With new features like gaming zone, they will be boosting their sales.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
March 1, 2009

i have wireless router with four lan ports …. can i share internet like i am sharing in dsl ???? i am assume that i ll get usb version of wireless broad band……. so will it possible ??

Posted by zshan
March 1, 2009

Yes, it is possible. You just need an Ethernet Cable and PCs with Ethernet ports.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
March 21, 2009

Salam all
i wana know something i have Vwireless phone and signals are okay if i buy PTCL Wireless Broadband is it possible that that device gona work there ???????????

Thanx in advance

Posted by omer
April 7, 2009

I guess, there will not be any problem.

You may also want to read my experience with their service here:

Posted by Zaheer Khan
April 29, 2009

don u feel tat this is just crap tat nothing 4 students????????? and students are using lap tops more then anybody else all over pakistan kindly decrease ur rates same like u r giving in broadband wid land line ….. think about it

Posted by Adeel
April 30, 2009

If you are asking me to decrease the rate, it is not possible as I have nothing to do with PTCL or any of its brands. Please go to to lodge your complaint or call 1218.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
June 12, 2009

To be honest, EVO sucks….Its all bogus the one receives 500kbps to 700kbps speed….i have a PTCL tower within 1 KM range from my home but still i receive like 64kbps to 50kbps max. speed….This is all bullshit…try having a normal broadband and dont waste your money on this fake deal !

Posted by PK-Leo
June 30, 2009

yarrr wht about the coverage..and all stuff..moving from one city to another…n wht about its services..

in pakistan..i found sub wireless broadband are unsuccesful..

Posted by aqib
July 9, 2009

slamoalykum to every body bohut dukh hua ha ka pakistan govt bhi awam ka sath is tarah ka bhonda mazaq kar rahi ha kia frod karna pakistan ka muqadder ma likh dia gya ha Allah pakistan ko choron sa bachay

Posted by shahzad
July 20, 2009

v fone broadband is very coaslty.

not attractive pakage.

Posted by wajid shah
August 9, 2009

sir my name is numan from swat and ma cahta ho ka ma apny v wireless sa unlimited internet kar sako. ap hamy matod batay tu bareey mehrubay ho gy
numan khan

Posted by numan
August 9, 2009

i am activet hight speed internet plz

Posted by numan
August 11, 2009

i want to use wireless broadband internet connection what is the complete procedure to get in karachi korangi and how many Rs the initial money to spent to do so.

Posted by waqar anjum
August 29, 2009

actvet sukkar

Posted by amir
September 4, 2009
Posted by Sania
September 30, 2009

I hate This company Go To Hell You F______ It Is too so like a turtle

Posted by John
October 12, 2009

salam hi i want to connect my ptcl evdo usb to wireless router to connect my mobile phone and my laptop if anyone know this please tell me

Posted by saim
March 11, 2010

My device usb Ptcl works moderately well in my residencial area in township with only 2-3 signals .

But it remarkably fails in the hospital area in the mid of jail road. That was totally mind boggling since i need to use it over there too.

ANy remedial suggestions…..

Posted by Dr Usman

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