Is it the Right Time for 3G (3rd Generation) Technology?

Posted by 19 January, 2020
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3-blue-logo-lgBefore going into the details, let me just clear the terms 1G, 2G, and 3 G. First generation just provided voice facilities to customers where as 2nd generation brought data capabilities such as Short Message Service (SMS) etc. 3G stands for third generation that enables users to access high speed internet, and other services like video calling, gaming, and mobile TV, etc.

With a mobile phone density of over 54 percent and over 90 million mobile users, Pakistan is still behind in the broadband race. PTA claims that at the year end 2009, there will be 50 million broadband users but still it seems that people are not very much interested in using high speed internet. This brings some doubts about 3G as well as the main usage of the 3G is high speed Internet.

Though Telenor, Mobilink, and Ufone consider 3G would be a success in Pakistan and it is the right time to introduce the new technology but at the same time, Warid is not agreeing with them anymore. The reason Warid mentioning is that the price of 3G compatible cellular phone is not inexpensive and the 3G technology would be for some of the people. Also, all the mobile operators believe that the charges depends on the price of license. Higher the price of license, higher will be charges for this service.

PTA is offering only 3 Connections to all 5 mobile operators in Pakistan. According to a PTA official, Pakistan must have this latest technology and it is launched to step ahead in the field of telecom.

All the mobile phone operators are providing excellent services at competitive rates, but do you think that its the right time to introduce a technology like 3G in Pakistan?

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April 10, 2009

I don’t think its the right time for the 3G technology as we are just trying to pace up with the broadband.

Posted by Mahira
April 10, 2009

Well…According to UN report as I read on your website, Pakistan is one of fastest growing in Telecommunication sector, so, I guess a 3G technology would improve its ranking.

Posted by Kamran Raheem
April 10, 2009

Nice article Mr. Zaheer. You are really helping most of us by your news, updates, articles. Good work!

Posted by PakFan
September 11, 2009

now it is a right time to launch 3g in pakistan

Posted by muhammad naeem

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