Showing Adsense Earnings as Proof – Could be Fake – Beware

Posted by 2 March, 2009
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You must have  seen a lot of people trying to sell their websites by showing thousand of monthly earning from Google Adsense.  Guys! This could be fake. I recently visited a site which shows how someone can easily make a fake copy of adsense earnings. I am not saying that everyone is a scammer but there are many people who just want to deceive others and you could be one of the victims.

Be careful and always ask for monthly details rather then 2 days income.
Check out the image below and see how I made $10000 in just two day 😉


Check the website:

Disclaimer: The above shown image is generated from for the purpose of informing and alerting people.

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March 2, 2009

That’s a great piece of information and quite hilarious.Someone can easily tell others they are making thousands a day while they aren’t. 🙂 This looks quite real with some catches though

Posted by Zees
March 7, 2009

Thank you for the alert. Thumbs up!

Posted by Furqan Sattar
March 8, 2009

Thanks a bunch for great and informative post.People do have a fake impression that these proofs are real but i never believe anything until i experience it myself 😛

Posted by phyza

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