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This website link describes as a default IP address. Network devices like routers use the IP address. It was made to resolve the scarcity of IP addresses usable on the internet and that the range of the IP address is given by RFC 1918.

A private address is an identification assigned to any device, which is part of the computer network. The site continues to describe the IP addresses and their applications on the computer network including the internet.

It also describes NAT and private address space. That NAT were quick fix strategies for the shortage of IP addresses, the use of a router and firewall in the home. It describes the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and its reserve of IP addresses.

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What is

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Voip_illustration.svg192.168.1.1 is basically an IP address, which is utilized over and over again for different networks. is officially defined as the process of identifying the allocation of private Internets.

  • It is the default address of various broadband routers.
  • The settings of can be changed only by the administrator or by any other qualified person.
  • You can access the page from the management stating grooving to this IP using the web browser to do the initial configuration.
  • Read the manual device on the network to learn more on how to configure the network device.
  • It is commonly a network of class C that is used for setting up a private home network.
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