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MSN emoticons have several thousands of free msn emoticons and animated emoticons. These emoticons are aplicable in MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN Messenger, Yahoo and other online systems. The very important thing here is that the site is free, you don’t have to log in or sign up for you to access these emoticons.

Free emoticons.org is the site where you can access all the forms of emoticons free of charge and they are mostly powered by either, MSN, Hot mail, Yahoo or any other online systems that use these emoticons to facilitate their services.


Free emoticons convey messages in picture form, they express the emotions or the moods of an individual via the images. The images express the feelings of the sender.

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Emoticons are a collection of animated toons and work in Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger. There are limited free emoticons that come with MSN. These emoticons are just related with basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger and several other emotions are covered with by smiley’s which are usually boring. However, there are several free emoticons that can be downloaded from MSN and are easy to install and fun using them.


All these emoticons have been designed by professionals and exhibit great images, this will make your chat more exciting and enjoyable. If you want to download these free emoticons, follow simple installation instructions. Free emoticons have become very popular which has led to development of their own site category.

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