Mobilink GSM Renovates Website Layout/Design

Posted by 14 May, 2009 (2) Comment

mobilink1Being the leader of mobile market in Pakistan, with 28,240,125 (according to PTA Report March 2009) customer base, Mobilink always tried to come up with new idea and innovative offers. But the thing that was lacking, was their poorly designed website with dull pages. I was thinking of contacting them but yesterday, when I opened their website, I was surprised to see a new website layout which is more cozy and attractive. They are still making changes in the design. Overall its a good design which will help its users to stay up-to-date easily without saying “where the heck would I find this thing”.

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Mobilink Upgrades Indigo Packages – Low Rate Packages Introduced!

Posted by 25 April, 2009 Comments Off on Mobilink Upgrades Indigo Packages – Low Rate Packages Introduced!

indigo-logoWe haven’t heard much from Mobilink Indigo lately but after a long silence, Indigo now came up with discounted rates for its postpaid users. Basically these packages are upgraded shape of previous ones. This time the packages are designed for masses by providing low SMS rates starting from Rs. 0.2/SMS to Rs. 0.75/SMS. The packages are named as ‘i-One Hundred’, ‘i-Four Hundred’, ‘i-Nine Hundred’, ‘i-Fifteen Hundred’, and ‘i-Unlimited’.

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Mobilink Declares 12 Percent Growth in Revenue

Posted by 23 March, 2009 (1) Comment

mobilink1Mobilink, a part of Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) and pioneer of GSM Services in Pakistan recently registered a growth of 12 percent in revenue hitting Rs. 86 Billion. The Earning Before Interest Taxation Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) reached Rs. 29.5 Billion which is 2.5 percent higher then the year 2007.

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Jazz SMS Bundle Offer – Daily 500 SMS for As Low As Rs. 2.79/-

Posted by 10 March, 2009 (14) Comment


After Zong and Ufone, now Mobilink Jazz offers 500 SMS to any network in Pakistan  for as low as Rs. 2.79/- and Rs. 3.38 inclusive all taxes. Ufone recently offered an SMS bundle offer and silently took back the Message Delivery Confirmation facility without informing its subscribers which is not fair at all. Lets see Jazz does the same to decrease the load from the network’s server or keep the feature intact.

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Mobilink & Box Office to Launch ‘Watchmen’ in Pakistan

Posted by 8 March, 2009 Comments Off on Mobilink & Box Office to Launch ‘Watchmen’ in Pakistan

Recently, Mobilink lost millions of its customers because of poor service quality and keeping illegal SIMs. Mobilink is again launching an expected 2009 blockbuster ‘Watchmen’ in Pakistani Cinemas to cope up with the crises.

According to Vice President, Marketing, Mobilink Bilal Munir Sheikh, there are more than 10 blockbusters Mobilink has launched win alliance with Box Office and the impact of this strategy on Pakistani Cinema is significant and positive.

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Mobilink Shutting Down? Lost 2,000,000 Subscribers

Posted by 25 February, 2009 (5) Comment

mobilink1I recently read an article on the Telecommunication Magazine ‘Flare’ about Mobilink, one of the biggest mobile phone operators in Pakistan, is in a very critical position. Most of the franchises have been shut down because of no business. According to the article, customers are losing their confidence in Moblink because of the poor services and involvement in illegal activities like providing millions of SIMs without any identity verification.

mobilink shutting down

Report says that Mobilink lost around 2 million subscribers in recent months in which 750,000 users ported out to other services and remaining 12,50,000 user’s SIMs have been blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) implying the new rules. The number of Mobilink Users porting out is highest among all the mobile phone operators.

Mobilink sold millions of illegal SIMs which caused Pakistan to suffer from terrorism. Even after the orders of PTA, Mobilink showed reluctance in blocking the illegal SIMs instantly because if they had done that, even more subscribers would be lost. Moblink users are dropping as high as 500,000 every month. The current number of Mobilink is approximately 20 millions.

Please find more details here:

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Mobilink Among Top 100 Mobile Operator Brands Across Globe

Posted by 27 January, 2009 (1) Comment

January 22, 2009: Mobilink an Orascom Telecom Group Brand is being announced among top 100 Mobile Operator Brands in the world by  Informa Telecoms & Media. The brands are evaluated on a pre-determined criterion which was based on Quality, service and perceptions. Mobilink was ranked 3rd among the “Brands Punching Above Their Weight” category ahead of Airtel, Tata Indicom and Reliance which stand 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. The overall rank of Mobilink is 68 among the leading Celluler Operators worldwide.

Mobilink is the leader in Pakistan Telecommunication Industry with over 30 Million customers and also the pioneer of GSM Service in Pakistan (1993).


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