PEL & Dawlance – Introduction

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PEL (Pak Electron Limited) and Dawlance both are Pakistani companies engaged in same business of Home Appliances. However, PEL is also making Power Products like Energy Meters, Transformers, Switch Gears etc. PEL is considered pioneer of eletrical appliances in Pakistan as it started its activities in 1956. PEL was taken over by Saigol Group of Companies. PEL is awarded SuperBrands Pakistan 2007-08. The Brand Ambessdor of PEL is Hadiqa Kayani which is famous singer of Pakistan.

Dawlance refers to reliablity and durability. Therefore, Dawlance products is generally considered as reliable and durable. One more thing I want to add here that, they are directly hitting the minds of viewers/readers by saying “kyun k Dawlance reliable hai”. Dawlance was established in 1980. Initially they started their business with referigerator manufacturing but now they are making refrigerators, deep freezers, washing machines, small appliances, air conditioners, televisions etc. There is no brand ambassador of Dawlance. Dawlance has become the largest company engaged in appliances business. Their customers are Middle-Upper, Upper-Lower, Upper-Middle-Class, Upper-Upper Class.

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