Set Up Proxy Server

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People who deal with network installations and would like to know how to set up a proxy server can obtain useful information from the above website. The proxy server is important in the network because it makes it possible for client computers to access information from other servers hence should be connected properly. The proxy server also works as a security protecting the network environment from intrusions among other uses.

Proxy Server

You can read the information provided and as long as you have some background information in network connections, this is something you can do on your own. You can connect the proxy server to function as a proxy, firewall or caching and this information can be found on the website.

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What is a Proxy?

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There are times when several internet sites at work or at school refuse to open and you find it hard to access a website. A Proxy is an unblocking service provider that can help you access a designated website of your choice. With the numerous filters these days many sites are blocked hence the need for a place where people can be helped to access the blocked sites.


None of the filters present have been able to block the proxy services provided by this company. Proxy releases new proxies frequently, meaning that by trusting on the services rendered you can access blocked sites. By signing up to the proxy services this will be the last place to worry about blocked sites.

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How to Setup Proxy Server

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A proxy server receives requests that are intended for another one when the server and client are incompatible making direct connection impossible. This may happen if the client is not able to meet the requirements needed for security authentication.

To setup a proxy server, you have to have a web browser that will support the automatic configuration of the proxy using a script. An email account on Sparta, cs, Owlnet, IS, math, stat, ECE, CAAM, or MEM will be necessary to set up the proxy server.

Proxy Server

If you are using windows, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.x are compatible and if you are using Macintosh, Safari, Mozilla, Netscape 6.x and other MacOs browsers are compatible. For Unix Netscape 4.51 and Mozilla are compatible.

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What is Proxy? How You Can Surf Internet Anonymously

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anonymousbecauseIf you want to browse the page of your favorite website, then proxy site is there to help you to open your favorite site. The best advantage of using proxies is that you can easily access those sites, which are originally blocked for you. Once you start browsing the site through proxy, your IP will not be detected.

How proxy site works?

This enables you to bypass your Internet provider to open the restricted site saving your IP address for being logged on. You can take the help of specific proxy lists, this list has the servers of HTTP/HTPS/SOCKS proxies, which allow the users to make indirect network.

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