PTCL Broadband Doubled Up Speed on Pakistan Day [Official Announcement]

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ptcl broadband doubled up speed

Recently, many of the PTCL Broadband users experienced the increase in their Internet speed but it was not obvious that whether it is a glitch on PTCL Broadband part of they are in fact increasing the Internet speed for all users. But PTCL Broadband has officially announced the new tariff of broadband on Pakistan Day (23rd March).

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PTCL Broadband Doubles Up Speed?

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There has been stories about PTCL Broadband increasing the Internet speed 100% of what the subscribers are using at the moment. This means that if a customer of PTCL Broadband is using a connection of 512 KBPS, the speed/package will be doubled up and the connection would be 1 MBPS.

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48 Percent Increase PTCL Broadband Customers in Last Quarter

Posted by 27 January, 2009 Comments Off on 48 Percent Increase PTCL Broadband Customers in Last Quarter

Yesterday: PTCL Broadband showed a growth of 48% in last quarter of 2008 (October – December). According to a PTCL Spokesperson, PTCL has attained a significant increase in number of customers in just one and a half year -that is over 100,000 customers in over 100 cities and towns across Pakistan.

PTCL started it’s broadband services in 2007 and is successful till date. October 2008 was a bright month for PTCL as it became the first Pakistani Broadband service that is covering more then 100 cities and towns across the country. And just after 2 months, it became the first company to have more then 100,000 customers all over the country.

The secret behind the success of PTCL Broadband is it’s target market. It went beyond the geographical boundaries and made Broadband affordable for a common man. Students of selected Institutes are given privilege of enjoying a discount of 30% on all packages. Along with this, PTCL also introduced other services such as movies, music, classical Pakistani dramas, educational data, religious content and cricket matches and last but not the least PTCL Wireless broadband ‘On the Go‘. 

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