Open Rar Files

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RAR files are useful when you want to compress files because they save on space when you want to store groups of files that have related information. The operating systems that are used in computers do not support the RAR format therefore you have download  software to open Rar file.

The files can be opened on Mac OS and Windows by using several programs. On Windows, the best option is BitZipper 2009 because it can open any encoded or zipped file that you receive. With this program, you can also create some archives in RAR format.

Computer folder from video

On Mac, you can open them using iArchiver which also opens Stuffit files and Zip files. Stuffit can also work well on Mac computers.

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How to Open RAR Files?

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RAR   IconThere are number of tools which can compress file and you can then send them to your friends via email or FTP. Apart from that, these tool reduces the size of the file specially text files. One of the widely used extensions of Compressed files is *.Rar.  This article will help you if you want to Open Rar Files and you don’t have the proper tool for that.

As in the start, I mentioned that there are number of tools but the most common used tools are 7 Zip and Winrar. These tools are licensed and there is less risk of downloading a *.rar file containing virus or malwares. Please visit to know more about the features of these tools.

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