Threat from Government Official to Remove the Article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen

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This is unusual! I received an email from a Government Official to remove the article about Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen on Feb 16 (Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen Using Non-Custom BMW) about the latest corruption case. Below is the screen shot of the email.

Email Screenshot

To the best of my knowledge, I have not written anything that could go against the national interest. I wrote what I saw on Media and they showed both the vehicles parked beside each other (Dunniya Tv) with the similar number plates. I have the right to write anything which in is the real interest on the country and I am not exploiting the democracy in Pakistan yet drive it to the right path.

Disclaimer:I am not sure that the email is from a ‘real government official’ as it is possible that someone used the wrong email address.

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Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen Using Non-Custom BMW

Posted by 16 February, 2009 (11) Comment

Shaukat Tareen Fraud

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Shaukat Tareen is caught by a Local Television Channel using two different vehicles with same  number plates (GA-822), one Corolla (Green Number Plate)  and the other is BMW (Black Number Plate). According to the report, BMW is non-custom vehicle which is a one of the major crimes.

“He can be imprisoned for at least 7 years for this fraud”, A senior lawyer said while talking to the media and can be penalized against 4 penal code (420, 169, 170, 171).

While what else can be expected from our Government Officials. THIS IS OUR LEADERSHIP!!! 🙁

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