Telenor Discontinues SMS Delivery Confirmation

Posted by 6 April, 2009 (1) Comment

telenor logoAfter Ufone, Zong, now Telenor is the next to take back the very essential feature of Message Delivery Confirmation. Recently, the users experienced the problem and thought a flaw in the network but the issue persisted. This is happening because of the daily SMS packages these companies have issued lately and the impact of this is coming on the screen.

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Telenor Talkshawk FnF Offer – 6 Minutes FREE After Every 6 Minutes

Posted by 10 March, 2009 (9) Comment

talkshawk 6 free minutes

Telenor Pakistan introduces a new offer to its Talkshawk subscribers to talk to their friend and families for 6 minutes and enjoy next 6 minutes for free. This offer can be availed on Talkshawk 30 Sec, Talkshawk Har Min, Talkshawk Har Sec. Talkshawk A1 users can not enjoy the offer since, the package doesn’t allow FnF.

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Telenor SIM Lagao Offer – Enjoy 100 Free Minutes & 100 Free SMS (On-Net)

Posted by 28 February, 2009 (3) Comment

Telenor SIM Lagao OfferTelenor announces 100 Free Minutes and 100 SMS to its subscribers who have not used their SIMs since January 10, 2009.  Free minutes and SMS can only be used on Telenor Numbers. If a user’s SIM is lost or damaged, a new SIM can be obtained from nearest Sales Service Center or Franchise.

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Telenor Awarded Rs. 1 Million to Its Winning Retailer

Posted by 21 February, 2009 Comments Off on Telenor Awarded Rs. 1 Million to Its Winning Retailer

telenor   logo

Telenor Pakistan recently paid Rs. 1 Million to the winning retailer of South-I region under its ‘Easyload Millionaire Prize Scheme. This scheme is specially designed for the retailers all over Pakistan who are qualified for the lucky draw by increasing their sales of August 2008 by 10 percent. Regional Director Telenor Pakistan, South-I, Adnana Hassan presented the prize of Rs. 1 Million to Muhammad Tahir Zaib of Zaib Communications, Karachi.

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Telenor Offers 3 SMS Packages on Persona

Posted by 18 February, 2009 Comments Off on Telenor Offers 3 SMS Packages on Persona

Persona SMS Addon Offer

Telenor is now covering the masses for it’s Persona Package. Recently, Telenor introduced three new SMS packages for it’s Postapaid subscribers. Most of the users, who show some reluctance towards the postpaid plans will now be considering this offer. A disadvantage of this offer could be the damage of positioning of postpaid but at the same time, a significant number of new users would be availing this facility.

Telenor has always come up with innovative ideas and packages and this continues her tradition.


SMS Addon on Persona

More addons and details can be found here:

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Faisal Qureshi & Aijaz Aslam in Telenor Persona TV Commercial -Is It Working?

Posted by 14 February, 2009 (6) Comment

Recently, Telenor introduced three postpaid Persona Packages and in it’s one of TV commercial we see Faisal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam as Doctor and Businessman. Sounds funny huh!? Both are acting in a comedy show ‘Main Aur Tum’ at ARY Digital and their image is quite different from what Telenor Persona tried to build from their campaign. Telenor would be more successful if they could bring some humorous part in their campaigns and endorse these actors. Don’t know whether this is working or not. The results will come on screen after the ‘ratings’ issued by the agency (Adcom).

Telenor made the same mistake when it started it’s Postpaid Plan (Persona) endorsing ‘Jamal Shah’ who is an artist as Business Executive and the ratings went down. People have different images of artists in their minds and in my opinion Telenor continuously fails to understand this (specially for their postpaid plan).

What you guys think? Do you like both in the professions they are assigned in Personal TV Commercial or not. Write your comments on this.

Disclaimer: Above written article is the Author’s personal opinion and everyone has the right to agree or disagree.

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Paying Attention to PostPaid Users – Telenor Launches New Postpaid Packages

Posted by 9 February, 2009 (9) Comment

Telenor Persona Print Ad

Its been a long time I have not seen any package from cellular companies for their postpaid customers specially Telenor. But it seems that Telenor is now giving attention to it’s postpaid customers as well and announced three new packages.

The packages are easy and understandable. One thing I want to mention here that Telenor get itself out of price war this time by offering different services for that price rather then lowering it.

Persona in my honest opinion failed to position itself as a postpaid brand because of it’s wrong positioning strategies in the start but its never too late. Hope to see some improvements (other then price reduction strategy).


Telenor Persona Packages

21% CED tax applies on all Tariffs
10% withholding tax at bill applies

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Telenor Pakistan Official Website Down!

Posted by 29 January, 2009 (3) Comment


While browsing, I came to know that Telenor (GSM Service Providers) Pakistan website is down. At first, I thought its just me but I then tried checking it using some proxies but no results.

Its very unusual that a company’s website goes down like this without a prior notice. I have no idea whether they are running some maintenance or what but what matters is their website is not live at the moment.

Just thought, should share this with my blog visitors. I am sure Telenor must have a good excuse for this.

Website URL:

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