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It is very easy to download Unix on the internet for free unlike other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. Some of the Unix versions you can download include Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, Red Hat and Free BSD.

Before you decide which version to download, you should consider which one will be more suitable for you. Solaris is suitable for businesses and companies because of its self healing capabilities, packages that are open source and it makes tracing very easy.


If you want an operating system that is more general and complete, you should download Fedora Linux. For this version, the software components are available at no charge and you can even be part of the development team.

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Unix Emulator

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A computer operating system UNIX must conform to any operating system that has the supporting standards. The UNIX Emulator have this graphical interface (known as GUI)  which is quite similar to  the common Microsoft Windows which is user friendly and operates very easily. It is important to understand UNIX in order to benefit hugely from it. Operations not covered by a graphical program mean, a lot of knowledge will be required in order to receive functionality.

Unix Emulator

The kernel – hub of the system, the shell which acts as the interface between kernel and the  normal programs are the three components that make up UNIX. There are various types of UNIX and they are: Mac OS X, GNU/LINUX and  Sun Solaris.

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