Usb Device Not Recognized

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Problems of computers failing to recognize some USB devices are common and there are many reasons why this may happen. Most of the time, these devices automatically install but when they fail to do so, you cannot access them and this means you have to fix the problem so you can use it. The device may not be recognized because of settings in your computer where you might have disabled the functionality or have loose connections. This website provides information on this and how you can rectify it.

Usb Device

Some of the solutions provided to help the situation include using the Add New Hardware and Device Manager features, turning off power management, updating drivers and installing in standby mode among others.

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Smoke! But Keep Your Room Fresh – USB Ashtray Device

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USB Ashtray Picture

I am not encouraging you to smoke. It’s just a USB gadget that helps you to keep your room fresh. Most of the non-smokers usually get frustrated when they walk into a room filled with cigarette smoke. For non-smokers, it’s a perfect gadget to keep with them so, when a smoker friend is visiting them, they can use this device to keep the smoke away from themselves and their rooms.

The device vanishes the smoke with the help of a powerful motor fixed inside and the smoke is filtered by a built-in filter that releases fresh air from the holes on the side. 100% smoke free environment is not guaranteed because the device only works when the cigarette is put in but you can see a considerable change after using it.

One of the advantages of the USB Ashtray is that it can be used with or without the USB port as you can use four AA batteries to provide power.

PRICE: Approx. 4000/- ($49.95)

The item can be purchased from:

Disclaimer: We do not keep the accessories or gadets with us. This information if gathered from Internet Resources and the prices are calculated by converting USD in PKR and may vary.

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